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    So I’m going to be moving from W7 to 10 soon and I thought I might as well get a new (2nd hand) CPU. At the very least I’ve been meaning to open the rig up for the first time in years and give it the undoubtedly much needed clean/vacuum. A new CPU will give me the impetus to do it.

    So I’ve got a Asrock Z170A-X1/3.1 with an old G3900. So I’m hoping someone on here has recently been looking at 2nd hand CPU’s around the 6th/7th gen i3’s-i7’s. If so what do you think of a i3-6100 for £33.48 (best offer available) on ebay?

    Also would the stock fan from the G3900 do a job or would I need to get a new one?

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    The comparisons show you’ll notice a big difference between those CPU’s.

    See HERE and HERE.

    It’s the same CPU as I’ve got here and I moved from a G3 series CPU. It showed. They’re both the same TDP ( power consumption ) so your existing cooler will suffice.

    At £34 I’d go for it!!


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    Wow! When did comparison sites like that start up? And thanks!


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    Ah nuts. The guy changed it to an auction. I know it was a BIN when I saw it because I specifically noted that it had best offer available, then when I checked sold prices I saw it was cheap. Guess he listed it that way by mistake.


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    Them sites have been around for a good 10 years.


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    The short-term future looks very bright for AMD chips, and Intel a big leccy waster:




    Dave Rice
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    Moving the fab to TSMC has been a winner. I’m not sure how the many cores strategy works out when it’s not really coded for.

    I’ve had 6 and 8 core CPUs for a while and most of the time anything over 4 is parked. But I couldn’t run 4 x decent spec W10 VMs and host on a £60 CPU from Intel!

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