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    Yes Bob, it claims to be a town with a town council but to be honest the main equivalent to a high street is about 140 yards long is medieval narrow and has almost all of the shops with several vacant and others regularly turned over. the main antiques centre is down by the railway station in what used to be the buildings forming parts of the malting industry. The small antiques shops are pretty snooty and do not last long. We used to have a LLoyds bank, very useful but it became a forced TSB, thank you EU. As a Lloyds Bank, it was useful but as a TSB it is about as useful as nipples on a fish. There is also a Barclays bank, not hugely useful either. The building society is essentially in the front room of one of the elderly houses, I’m not sure but it could be 16th or 17th century. The church had substantial associations with Henry the 8th and the surrounding estates were owned by various involved with the throne and several Royal wills. One was given to one of his wives, I cannot be bothered to look up which after a few glasses of wine, the universal ‘unwinder’. Beckham had one of the larger houses for a while, it was once a council building said to have been for wayward children. We have lived here almost 26 years, which makes is new comers, but by heck the place has changed in that time. We do have a couple of social necessities, a funeral director and a fire station, neither of which are in the ‘town centre’ most of which area is ‘listed’.  That has not stopped some god awful developments. Medical services appear to fancy the main road as a horn test route, it is also the designated bulk transport route, rather than the motorway 800 yards away, I just hope the sagging bridges fully understand! During the war the joinery works turned out wings for Mosquitoes and floated them down the canal for further assembly. It is now housing for the train dwellers.


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    My village has a one stop, a post office that is clinging to life 3 pubs and the masonic lodge, that sells a nice pint, a small 800 year plus old church and a roman bath house on the outskirts.

    So we are good for beer and bathing.

    Our closet town is all of a 20 walk, which was has a traditional high street, but the new (5 yearish) shopping complex , has killed the high street, and made summer traffic a pain, as we live I’m a bit of of tourist cut through. So traffic that was an annoyance is now a right pita.


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    Several of the pubs have closed down and become housing. The ‘Railway’ pub has certainly provided a large number of housing units as it was pulled down, the land was cleared and several blocks of flats were constructed, right next to the railway line. Dead easy for commuters, perhaps less easy for sleepers?

    The PO is a couple of counters at the back of a shop so you queue past displays of racks of snack food and greeting cards, fizzy drinks and wine – to relieve the boredom on a slow day? At Christmas it can be grim waiting to get served, but at other times it is much better. The female staff are hugely better than the ‘missing link’ possibly male they briefly, but still for too long employed.

    Great St Mary’s is one of three places of worship it was built from flintstone and mortar on a site that is believed to go back to pre-Domesday times (11th Century). The church has royal connections. Both Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII worshipped here.

    As for pubs there are now only three left  as far as I can recall with two of the closing in recent times, neither of the closed pubs were up market establishments, so it was not a surprise they went.


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    Pinched this from GENUKI about my village:

    Gilbert de LEKEBURN (or TODWALLE) founded a Priory of Cistercian nuns here shortly before the reign of King John, circa 1150. All the monastic buildings have since disappeared and a more modern mansion built on the site.
    The Anglican parish church is dedicated to All Saints, and was built about 1380 out of chalk.
    The church was thoroughly restored in 1868, seats 240 and is a Grade I listed building with British Heritage.

    Once there were 3 Methodist chapels, now all are private homes. We have a village pump, which was the main source of village water until 1953. That information came from an old chap in his 90’s, now long deceased, shortly after I came here in 2003. The Priory has a long, earthen surface lane winding around to it through old trees. When I first came here I used to take my dog Charlie down the lane, until one day a guy from a house at the entrance told me that the inhabitants of  a mansion at the site of what used to be “The Abbey” objected to my presence on their private road. I answered thus: “It was a Priory, not an Abbey. It has no signage informing of a private road. Therefore I have a perfect right to walk there, until the legal position is correctly communicated to me.” I walked Charlie down there for a week or so, until one day his hackles went up and he adopted a real canine Threat Posture. Looking to the bend in the lane, I saw the biggest black cat I ever saw outside of a zoo. I wish I had taken my camera, but had to drag Charlie away. He really wanted to have some of that animal: it was twice his size, but Charlie tackled anything, which was the reason I had to part with him. He was a Rescue dog and saw any other form of animal life as a threat to me.

    I reported the Big Cat and was told by the RSPCA that it had been seen in other parts of Lincolnshire. It was eventually shot somewhere else, I believe. It was a Puma and I was most pleased that I was unable to make its acqaintance.😅

    Church, in there around the other side are 3 of my mates, I don’t plan on joining them anytime soon.

    Images: Copyright Richard Croft and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence.

    Pump, handle still attached, still works if needed. There is a huge aquifer beneath the village:

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