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    I have always used time and date to work out when my next tablets are due.

    25/06/19 + 56 days =

    No matter what browser I use I am getting a warning, I can only seem to find another for date to date.

    Anyone know of a good date from + days.


    Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead

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    What can you do about it?

    The issue is most likely with the web site, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it. You can notify the web site’s administrator about the problem.

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    Dave Rice
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    Try this

    EDIT I’ve signed up for Patient Access with my GP. From there I can see my repeat prescriptions and loads of other things. 

    If I run out before the next due date (often happens with the pain killers) clicking Add to Request sends an email to the doctor. They OK it and an electronic prescription is sent to Boots who text me to say it’s ready.


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    +1 for Patient Access – the wife and I are both registered on it.

    My tablets are issued 4-weekly, so I order the next lot after two weeks. That gives the doctors and the chemist leeway if there are any hold ups or delays. I set a 4 weekly reminder for that on the phone using Google Calendar, that way, I can get reminders on the desktop too if I wanted them, but the phone works fine for me.


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    Thanks Dave

    I order online with my doctors and mark when next due and her tablets.

    I am with patient access, but it easier to go via docs web.

    Jay Cee I need to drop habits, I will look into yours and Daves method.



    Dave Rice
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    Boots look after my repeats and order them in due time, it’s just if I need anything sooner I ask for them.


    Bob Williams
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    This is our Surgery website,

    I click “Order prescription online” and get this:

    When either of us input the password, the medication pops up along with last date ordered and date when we can order again. I actually used it this morning to order 2 items, one of which is a 5 litre container of the stuff I have to wash and shower with. Because the surgery car park gets full, has only one Blue Badge space, and my missus needs the extra space to get out and into the car, we have our scrips taken to the Co Op pharmacy in town and they deliver large items like the 5 litres. that will be with me tomorrow, along with the smaller item. We had some bad times with the dispensary staff in the past, until I spoke with the Practice Manager and promised that my next protest move would be an official NHS Complaint procedure.

    If it’s the Psychic Network why do they need a phone number?

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    My wife and I are on repeat dispensing for most items so there is no need to order tham. The exception is the controlled drugs that must be ordered and signed for on collection.

    I was surprised to note that I am marked down as having had all sorts of vaccinations that had not even been developed by the time I was supposed to have had them! I did get a few of them the ‘old fashioned’ way and was luckier than many others. While I had whooping cough and measals together (saved the doctor making repeat calls I guess), some of my cohort were off school for months and I am not sure that some ever came back. Several relations and close contacts were either maimed for life or died early after painful lives following mumps or measals. This makes my medical record so ironic. Perhaps because of my experiences I am an ardent proponent of vaccinations, yet I missed out on many of them as a child because they were not an option.

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