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    Rant time again I am afraid.

    A back in 2017  I had pain in my abdomen, following a GP appointment in April 2018I was investigated in May 2018 and bowel cancer was ruled out and frankly several other issues a small skin cancer and my wife’s much more serious breast cancer overtook me, so I parked the abdomen issue.

    Earlier this year I was in increasing pain, so I raised the issue again. This time a different type of scan showed tendon issues so I was referred to an outpatient orthopaedic consultant who decided to refer me to physiotherapy. He proposed to see me again in three months to check progress, a letter was written to physio and all went silent. After nearly a month and a half I wanted to know what progress was being made so tried to ring the number on the orthopaedic department letter. The number does not take phone calls but listed off about a dozen other numbers. I tried a few of them but none of them take phone calls either but listed other numbers… Agh!

    I found an email address so asked what is happening and pointed out that there was no point listing numbers that only give an unhelpful message, that was an invitation to play telephone tag.

    Today, a day after my message, the hospital physiotherapy department called. They do not see patients referred by their own hospital’s consultants they only deal with post operative in-patients and A&E cases, so the matter was bounced to the GP, (I guess they do not have enough to do?). The GP should arrange my physiotherapy, but of course they are at the back end of the queue for their patients to get physiotherapy.

    I called to the surgery who finally located the papers after a lot of prompting with dates and yes they have submitted a physiotherapy request but it ‘will take a while’. So much for seeing the orthopaedic consultant again with any hope of progress.

    I am scheduled to speak with a GP on another matter next Wednesday so will try to get physio bumped into a ‘within my lifetime’ status.

    While I can walk with only moderate pain, changing direction can be an issue and any sudden disturbance is be an issue that can affect my balance. So far the falls have been without serious damage, though some of the bruises after one in the road are still to go after three weeks. Perhaps if I break something next time I fall I will get the physiotherapy someone on the hospital staff thinks I need – though it might be a bit late by then.

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    Sorry to hear that.

    My GP practice has very recently put up some posters about a physio referral without the need for a doctor to be directly involved. IIRC the GP might have to O.K. it but I’m really not sure. Might be worth a few minutes to find out if your surgery do the same.


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    Thank you PM, I will speak to the GP on Wednesday about the issue but I wonder if the physiotherapist will have access to the sonagrapher’s report that pointed out the exact issue or whether they will just get some wishy washy crap ‘please see this patient’, etc. I fell rather p1 s2 off one way and another.


    Bob Williams
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    My missus was referred to a private clinic by her GP, when the insultant consultant would not believe that the hip op he performed last year had gone TU. She was and is in great pain from this, usually worse after sitting down and I have to help her up. The clinic was a mainly Sports Injuries place and the physiotherapist took just two treatments to tell my wife that it was not a muscular, bone or ligament issue. I still wonder how it was that a letter from that Physio, worked to get my wife another appointment with a different consultant, when the GP could not make the original insultant see the truth, despite the GP’s letters.

    Some Medicos are so determined about their own position, they will not contemplate anything else.

    If it’s the Psychic Network why do they need a phone number?

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    Bob, I was wondering what was going to happen after she saw someone who appeared to suggest that yes, all was not well with that earlier ‘Friday afternoon job’. Is there any move to carry out any corrective work? I would expect it will need a rerun of the whole procedure, something that can require a higher level of skill anyway, and certainly better than that which was apparently applied to the first run screw up.

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