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    Bought myself an nVidia Shield over the Black Friday sales and have been pretty impressed so far. It only arrived on Wednesday, and I’ve had a few days of being able to play with it. Bought it to replace my Apple TV, partly because the Apple TV doesn’t do 4K and we’re looking at a 4K TV in the sales and that I bought the Apple TV for some light gaming and it fails in that regard – the only game I ever put effort in to was Asphalt 8 and occasional games of Pako.

    Anyhow, the Shield looks like it can replace our BT Freeview box – does Freeview via the TV Player app and I’ve got it working with nVidia Gamestream from my gaming rig upstairs and Steam Link works as well, so we happily played the Jackbox Party pack last night with a group of 7 of us. The nVidia streaming from the nVidia servers seems to be quite good (tried the Tomb Raider game they have but very quickly gave up when I seemed to be stopped by having to hit a specific button at a specific time).

    Only niggles so far are that I cant seem to use my Xbox One controller (which is compatible Bluetooth) – it connects but then lags out or doesn’t send button presses. Reading online, could be an unshielded HDMI cable or USB 3 cable to my SSD that I added as a storage location. The nVidia controller works fine however.


    But overall, very impressed to date.

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    Drezha I got one in the sale too…with a view to re-sell, but definitely keeping it. Will never play the games on it (my lads might) but streaming-wise can’t faut it. Vet snappy….and the Android TV side f it is great. I had a little struggle with the remote – or should say using my universal remote. Sorted thanks to FLIRC (in my spares box) and the Android Fire remote (which pairs perfectly with the Shield).  The shield is a cracking bit of kit.


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    If the shild doesn’t work out for you,(iI know your standards Chris) xiaomi does an android TV box for relativly cheap that is meant to be the dogs ding dong. (Mi Box s)

    I’m yet to get into android TV. The amazon fire tv put me off wandering from the roku.

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