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    Today I finally got enough time after (%%**!!!***) shopping to install my new Canon Pixma TS 6150 printer, retiring the old HP Photosmart C5380, > 9 years old and beginning to show its age. Still printing well, but very slow and has more bells and whistles than I have used for a long time. Tried the CD labelling function before uninstalling it and it just gave up, so I may give it away. It has been a very good printer, but I wanted a faster , 5-cart Wireless printer which would let me print top quality photo’s and colour doc’s. Unfortunately, HP have given up on producing that kind of high end printer, so my search turned up the Canon. And before anyone talks about High Street Photo labs: I like editing and printing photos and colour doc’s, it is something I have always like doing.

    The Canon is wireless and I felt some trepidation before starting to install. I used the huge, supplied Canon Manual to start with at setup, but the process was so tortuous, with lots of “if that doesn’t work, start again and do it this way.” I went to “Add Printer” in Windows and used “Direct to Printer” from the printer screen: it installed immediately and I then downloaded all software & manuals from Canon’s own website. I then installed    ‘http://   ijc.   start.   canon   ‘   (without spaces) to both Wileyfox phones, SWMBO’s laptop and my Lenovo tablet. Procedure was flawless and I installed all 4 of those within 15 minutes. We can now print from Google doc’s or Notepad, from any of our devices. I printed several doc’s and photo’s and was gobsmacked at the speed of the printer. I had bought it in a special deal, along with a full pack of High Capacity cartridges and photo paper, which were less than half price.

    I am seriously chuffed with the 6150 and our new ability to print from any device, anywhere. Plus it will share space alongside the new record deck (Chrimbo pressie) that I will set up tomorrow, after No.2 gson fits the last of 5 sockets which turn a 2 gang to a 3 gang. The space where the chimney was, is now hiding a rats nest of cables! I wish I could still do this stuff myself, but my hands shake badly now and I have some smashing grandbrats who will help me anytime I ask. Strangely, my hands stop shaking when I hold a steering wheel and drive: another reason why I like driving, but I will give up tomorrow if I become unfit.

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