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    Asking advice. I have narrowed down my youngest grandadughter’s Chrimbo phone to 3 choices, one of which is recommended here all the time: the Motorola G5s. I Googled-shopped this and got some agreeable prices, until I saw that they were all HKong shops and all with bad reviews. (Some lost money, others waiting weeks or months for delivery, one damaged, no refund.)

    I found one on Amazon for £189, more than £20 more expensive than the HK shops but more reliable. Then I started looking at Wileyfox Swift2 and Swift2 Plus. Swift2 seems a good buy for £159:

    Swift2 Plus looks even better at £189, 99p less than the G5S:

    What does The Team think? I am inclined to go for the Swift2 Plus, as it has Dual Sims, which her mum my lovely daughter wants that for some reason. She also wants Sim-free, so she can put our gd on her own Plan. And keep an eye on her, I suspect.

    I welcome all advice guys, TY!

    EDIT: she won’t be getting the Pink one! She is not a girly-girl at all, so it will be the Gold one.

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