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    For those (like myself) who feel a little conned by the unadvertised Pi4 regression that removed USB and LAN boot, you may be wondering just when the Pi will update its boot system to enable these features.

    The short answer to that question is that you will be waiting until the end of time. The Pi will NEVER update without a bit of proactive work on your part.

    This link details the actions required, and this will result in your Pi boot EEPROM being updated to the September release. Unfortunately you may still feel conned as the update does not seem to have helped!

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    Thats one of my bug bears about the new Pi (the other being I forgot to order a HDMI adapter, so I couldn’t view it on the screen but that’s entirely on me!) Interesting to note that it wouln’t update – looks like I’ll have to have a go at a later date perhaps (but for now, my Pi 3+ is working nicely, so I’ll leave it as is for now!)

    The bpoot from SD and pass to SSD is fine and seems to work well enough for the time being but it’s a bit of a pain to setup considering the last one was simply a case of writing the image to a USB SSD or USB stick.

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    Afaik it only updates on booting. You can check the eeprom date with the manual command.

    I have one other major criticism of the Pi4 the USB3 code is carp and as a result not every USB3 device works! If it wasn’t too much of an effort I’d be lodging  a complaint with the Advertising standards  board, and demanding my money back under the not fit for purpose rule.

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