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    Plex premium 2D-Dan

    Does anyone have this? I’ve been running a personal Plex media server on a RaspberryPi for a couple of years, and for a single user, free works just fine.

    I’m thinking of giving Leanne Plex access (I gave her NextCloud access, which has the same content, but is less friendly), but £32 (well, £31.99) per annum, can anyone recommend paid for against free?


    EDIT: I mean, that’s 1/2 pint of decent beer per week……

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    Arch Linux, on a Ryzen 7 1800X, 16 GB, 5 (yes -5) HDs inc 2 SSDs, 4 RPi 3Bs + 1 RPi 4B - one as an NFS server with two more drives, PiHole (shut yours), Plex server, cloud server, and other random Pi stuff. Nice CoolerMaster case, NV GTX 1070 8GB, and a whopping 32" AOC 1440P monitor.

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