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    This time it’s brands that stick in your head. And why!



    First and last amp I can remember that really satisfied


    Best at the time that sounded good with the above


    The first milling machine “None cnc” I worked with. A machine that churned out ww2 shell’s.


    Just because in my child and teen years I always had one close by.

    Americans: Over Sexed, Over Payed and Over here, Wat Wat!

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    Bob Williams
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    Bigger, tastier Mars bars. Corona pop: –

    Made in South Wales, delivered all over the UK I think. Certainly the Corona lorry delivered to our Notts village. Bigger, better burps than Tizer.

    Brown paper parcels, tied up with string. Received one at Christmas 1953 from my very funny namesake uncle Bob. Big parcel, lots of string, inside was a smaller parcel, more brown paper, more string. Then another smaller parcel, and another, etc. Inside the last parcel was a box with a brand new, bright red Dinky ‘Dennis’ Fire engine. Dad and I both collapsed with laughter, I treasured that engine for years, kept the box, all as new. Gave it to a nephew, last time we spoke he still had it, same as new condition, leaving it to his daughter. Rebecca is definitely not girly, had lots of toy trucks, planes and cars, kept her maiden name, has a son named after me.

    I love it when history repeats.

    “If you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others.”
    ― Philip K. Dick, legendary SF writer.

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