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    Had the urge to play Portal today so instead of trying to get my old (Q6600, GTX 275) gaming rig going again, which would have needed at least a new SSD, possibly more as it hasn’t been on in years, I dropped just over £8 on the Play Store for it (I had some credit in my account).

    Hooked up my Mad Catz licensed Xbox 360 wired controller via an OTG cable, plugged in the HDMI and off to go.

    Looked at the recent incarnation of the official controller but that’s £60, not sure I can bring myself to pay that for a controller but at least I could charge it and play at the same time.

    It plays better than I remember it being on my gaming rig at full HD, not a slowdown or glitch in sight so far. It does kill the battery somewhat though, about 90 minutes and it needs a charge. I can see me spending more on Half Life 2 and Part 1 and 2…. :whistle:

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