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    I’ve been fitting/installing them for about 5 years, probably 60+ so far using various of the major manufacturers – ADATA, Corsair, Kingston, Integral, Patriot, Sandisk etc.  and today I’ve had my first bad one – from guess who ????     Crucial    – to my surprise  (a 2.5″ 120GB BX500).

    Unusually I had major problems in cloning the H/D to it.

    I always use TODO Free (using Dave R’s method) which is tried and trusted – but it just wouldn’t do it at all.

    So I then tried downloading Crucial’s free Acronis cloning software.  Again, no-go.

    Then I tried Genuine Acronis, yet again a failure.

    Finally I tried Macrium Reflect Free, and that did work.

    However looking at the SMART details of the SSD, the temperature had got up to the mid-60’s in the 3 hours it had been on, and was very warm to the touch.

    So I’m going to download Crucial’s SSD tools in a bit to check it out officially to see if it is going to be an RMA job.




    Never trust an atom - they make up everything !

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    I had a couple fail a few years back – both sandisks and both had to go back to the Czech Republic at my expense – so now swerve that brand. No others – all though now do far less in terms of PC/Laptop fiddling as they (especially PCs) are a dying breed. Both mine that failed went out like a light switch – not heard of an SSD being anything other than alive/dead (normally with no symptoms/warning – be interested to see the outcome.


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    Well, to my surprise, the Crucial Storage Executive software says that it is fine !

    Its normal temps seem to be in the 30-35 range, which should be OK.

    I shall be watching it like a hawk, but at least the Crucial 3yr warranty on it should be OK ?

    Never trust an atom - they make up everything !


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    Never had a DOA but have had most of the early 60 and 100 GB drives fail now. All the SanDisk cache drives have gone west.

    I’ve been buying the cheap King Dian etc drives off Amazon with no ill effects but now Kingston are the same price I get them.

    For new builds there is only one game in town, M2 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe Adata SX8200 Pro series.

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