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    Ed P

    As I develop an increasing number of Pi sensors around the home e.g. Greenhouse environment, fish pond temperature etc. I have found an increasing need to be able to poll them to pull out their data.

    The most convenient way I have found is via Apache and logging in to the sensor to pull up its web page. If you go this route do not forget to change the place where Apache stores web pages to a writeable location.

    This of course requires a functional web page for the data. Being lazy I have been using Kompozer a Windows/Mac freeware to design them. It has been a mild irritant that Linux dropped support for Kompozer a while ago and it isn’t now on any distro and the Sourceforge download does not seem to work. However to my delight I have found that the method given here allows its installation on Ubuntu 19. You will however have to jig the menu to add it as the result is called by typing kompozer into a terminal.

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