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    Ed P

    If when bored you like to wander around in the Internet exploring the links between different subjects then the Sub-Reddit Explorer may be for you. The example search is for Linux but you can plug in any technical or non-technical keyword and see where it takes you. Click any subject in a box and linked subjects together with  the associated Reddits will be seen.

    I found it interesting but not perfect as searches can sometimes turn up random unrelated objects.

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    The Duke
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    A good old Bill Binneys graph. Now wepponised to track everyone.

    It wasn’t what he intended it for. but given he was cia, I’m sure he knew what it would be used for.

    Perfect for rooting out terrist cells, or anyone an organisation doesn’t like. Replace Linux with a famous name. Then you see how dangerous this is. And all they need is meta data.


    Edit–NSA not CIA. The project was called Thin thread

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