RIP Terry Jones

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    Bob Williams

    The driving force behind the Pythons and so much else: acting, writing, directing, producing. Unfortunately his last few years were suffered with a rare form of dementia. It does not seem fair that such a brilliant, inventive, comedic mind should slowly degrade in that way.

    Entertained millions, he brought so much comedy joy.

    When the Thought Police arrive at your door, think -
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    This popped up in my news feed earlier, another great gone.

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    yes very sad. I wasn’t clever enough to get a lot of their high-brow stuff but there was a lot of accessible, genuinely hilarious stuff too. RIP.

    Ed P
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    Yes, as Bob said the manner of his death was especially poignant. Death cannot be evaded but sometimes its manner is excessively cruel.

    Dave Rice
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    Sir Bedevere:
    …and that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be banana shaped.

    King Arthur:
    This new learning amazes me, Sir Bedevere. Explain again how sheep’s bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes.


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    Dementia is a cruel, hard master never kind to anyone who suffers its ravages. It really is a case of seeing the living dead. For a range of reasons I cannot speak clearly of Terry Jones, I knew too little of him and his work but I understand the sad references to his now lost talent. May he now rest in peace, dementia will not have afforded him much rest in his decline.

    Bob Williams
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    I love the comment Terry Jones made when Welsh churches castigated “Life of Brian” and asked for it to be banned as blasphemous: –

    “Great publicity!”

    Being born in Colwyn Bay, he resented being taken away to Surrey with his family all his life, and always considered himself to be Welsh.

    Being considered by the Church in Wales to be a Very Naughty Boy, must have amused him.

    When the Thought Police arrive at your door, think -
    I'm out.

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