RPI 4 USB Boot System


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    Dave Rice

    A bit late to the party I know, but I’ve been waiting for things to mature. Now that Ubuntu 20.10 officially supports the Pi 4GB+ I thought it was time to dip my toes in the water.

    Fired it up with the supplied Raspian Sd card and I am well impressed. Time to try USB booting but rather than go the whole SSD route I thought I’d start with a cheap but half decent flash drive. £9 and a day later SanDisk Ultra Fit 64 GB USB 3.1 turned up, used the SD card copier, followed the instructions for setting up USB boot and here we are.

    It’s far too powerful to waste on a PiHole or VPN server but will it be enough yet for everyday? I’m already using is at something of a sandbox by connecting via AnyDesk from my laptop as a test and in full screen mode I sometimes forget I’m not actually on the laptop. Until it comes to loading up a new app, it’s by no means so but compared to an i5 and an SSD you do notice!

    I’ll get Ubuntu 20.10 on the now redundant sd card and see how that goes. If it’s OK the idea is to get one of the Argon cases and a cheap M2 drive, the WD Green is only £25 for 128GB.


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    Yeah, it’s not a bad little device. I use mine as a remote desktop when I’m on the iPad or I need access to a Linux box and that works quite well – though VNC Viewer didn’t play nicely with iPad cursor support, unlike Jump Desktop.

    Mine’s running headless in a wooden C4 Paramount 2 case.

    I’d use the mini PC I bought from Ali-Express, but I’m concerned I can’t reformat the Windows on that and I’m wondering if any nasties were installed on it before it left the factory!

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