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    I have recently been receiving spam from random accounts at the onmicrosoft.com domain and it must stop !

    I have figured out that the posts seem to be coming from trial Microsoft 360 accounts that the spammers setup automatically with random names but as MS don’t seem to care I just want to block all of onmicrosoft.com.

    I have set up a filter in Windows Live Mail that sends all of onmicrosoft.com to junk but I need to do the same on my Galaxy S7.

    From what I can figure out the Samsung mail app on the S7 dose not do any filtering of its own, it can only notify your mail provider, and only then if you have an IMAP account.

    I have a Hotmail account which the S7 sets up to use MAPI so it can connect with a Microsoft Exchange Server and I don’t get an option to block even a single address let alone a domain.

    I have tried logging in to outlook.com directly to block onmicrosoft.com from there but it refuses saying that that would block to many valid addresses.

    Any ideas as the constant alerts from my phone are getting on my ti*s.

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