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    For the first time ever I found myself actually needing a SIM only contract deal as I’ve been spending a lot on data now I can get out and about in the car.

    I am currently on 3 PAYG and that was great, now my data use has increased a lot I went looking for some deals. Virgin Media have a nice offer for plenty of minutes and texts (not important really but nice) and 5GB data for £9 and I was tempted but 3 have an offer through Topcashback for 8GB data, all you can eat texts and 600 minutes for £12 and £50 cash back so effectively £7.83 a month and that includes a 12GB hotspot  allowance and Go Binge, so unlimited Netflix anywhere for £0 as long as you have some data allowance left.

    As a bonus I can run both sims in my OnePlus 5T while I await for my number and credit to switch over to the new contract. 😀

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