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    Small (Cheap) Graphics Tablet 2Ed P

    I have been ‘volunteered’ to help local schools with their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) project and specifically how to use the Raspberry Pi in that context. The STEM parts of this are relatively easy to cover using the software included with Pi (especially Mathmatica), but the Arts bit is harder. For those who like making and can handle needlework I can cheat a little and show videos of some of the ‘light-up’ Arduino powered clothing. Not everyone is any good at needlework (I’m certainly not!) so I need to be able to drop back to the ‘Art’ side where I can do simple demos perhaps using Krita  (a nice Linux drawing/painting program). However I need  a low cost package for everything and I need a cheap Bluetooth Drawing Pad (not a Wacom or smart pen for an Android tablet). I’ve found a Huion H420 which could possibly fit a PTA fund-raising pocket (the Huon is not Bluetooth and pushes things towards a full Pi3 rather than cheap Pi Zero). Does anyone know of a better deal/tablet ?

    Things have to be cheap as the schools around here are broke thanks to the Government cuts. However typical of this &*!! Government they have imposed a requirement on the schools without providing the financial resources.

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    Small (Cheap) Graphics Tablet 3D-Dan
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    I have a Ugee M708 on my desktop (Arch Linux) which works well, and wasn’t expensive. Support is built in to the kernel (I believe it uses the same chipset as the Huion).


    All features seem to be supported, subject to the application supporting it (e.g. GIMP is hit and miss, but Krita and Blender work fine with regards to pressure).

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    Small (Cheap) Graphics Tablet 2Ed P
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    Thanks Dan – looks nice. I might get one for myself, use it for demo purposes and say cheaper/smaller options such as the Huon 420 are available. I’ll price up both options.

    Life for teachers and Heads is a bitch around here. They have so little cash Primary Schools even have to ask for help to put in new Whiteboards.

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