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    Sitting here on the computer, doing about half a dozen different things at once, when I get an update notification from Windows. As I’m busy, I tell it to go away and remind me later. An hour or so later, I’m still busy pottering away when the dogs whine to go out. I let them out, and come back to a freshly rebooted computer!

    Thankfully, Notepad++ and Chrome restored me to where I left off, except the websites I was logged into to sort out my gas bill and my domains have now logged me out, meaning I have to start again, the several emails I had open with the info I need have gone back into the archives, and the handful of other programs I had open have all closed.

    Luckily I wasn’t doing anything too complicated, but why the hell does MS think that it has the right to reboot *MY* machine, even after I’ve told it not to?!?

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    Ed P
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    It was for a very similar reason (but involving CCTV cameras) that I turned off Windows Update. Of course this now requires me to be far more disciplined about updates. For me the old system worked perfectly, but the new one is broken.


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    If it’s Windows Home, it’s probably in the terms and conditions.

    Nowadays if it asks to update, I just do it then and there because it’s more hassle to wait.


    The Duke
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    Set it update in the night. Think mine to 5am. By default I think it goes to 3am, but being a night owl, I find 5am holds less of a chance than 3am to bug me.


    I’ve always thought an option to update when turning off should be an option, on the pop up notification


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    The second Tuesday of the month or slightly just after is the norm so I manually check, update and carry on as per.

    I did have an odd cumulative update last week outside the norm, so it can be a pain.



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    Yes last week’s update did feel like Tuesday brought forward, but then the real Tuesday arrived. It was a big one full of fixes for the sorts of stuff you almost certainly did not want to have roaming free. I usually get an extra, advanced warning of updates arriving via the server and backup options I run. I know to watch out, down tools and head for the tea break while it does its thing. The last time I checked I could postpone a restart for a variable time period, but I prefer to wrap things up and restart anyway. Though today being tired, I did manage to interrupt a back up that was partway through, rather than waiting so it is redoing that now.


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    Part of the reason I’m hardly ever using Windows, I can do everything else as easy if not easier on Chrome OS or Android and they update when you tell them to.

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    Well, that one came along wearing Stormtrooper boots!!

    As I’m still on Anniversary Edition because of problems updating to Creators/Fall Creators, I’ve been putting off some of the updates as they fail. I only checked this morning that they were deferred for the next 5/6 days – in actual fact it was turned off. So how did this one just kick its’ way in and start……./restart/restart???!!

    I’ve enjoyed some of the changes made by moving up to W10, but some of them do get right up my nose!!

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