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    Sound effects, and speech echo in game 2rockonbazza

    Bit of a strange dilemna. I am playing the free trial of Destiny 2. The first part of the game is a tutorial etc, and the ingame sound is fine. However after the “tutorial” level,¬† you enter the main game proper which is the main online/PVP part of the game etc – this is when my sound starts to echo/reverb. Everthing echoes, laser shots, footsteps, etc. Now if I go back to the main character creation screen, and create another character, this new character starts from the beginning and also goes through the tutorial level – guess what – sound is fine. Get to the main game, PVP land etc etc, and same issue – echo/reverb all the time.

    I did have this issue with Elder Scrolls online intermittently, when I played it a few years back. I found out on that occasion my headset configuration menu – “environment” option – had been selected (think it was “Room” or something like that). De-selecting that solved the issue for ESO. However, I dont have any such “enviroment” options selected in my sound config. I uninstalled my headset config programme (I have an Elite gaming headset), and removed USB Audio Device, High Definition Audio Device from my Device Manager Sound/video/game controllers menu. Re-booted pc, and it obviously¬† re-installs them, but still got same issue. Tried another pc game – playing Wolfenstein The New Order – which is not online – sound is fine. It only seems to happen in Destiny 2 when the game enters the proper “online/pvp” game. I have been playing Battlefield 1, and PUBG online for past few weeks/months, no issue with them.

    Any suggestions/remedies are apprecieated.

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