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    Alan Wood

    Anyone else had this message supposedly sent from “admin”

    marian wrote:
    1:27 pm
    Hello Dear
    i saw your profile and became interested in you, my name is Marian i
    am working with united nation, i will like to have a friend like you,
    i have something to share with you, please email me through
    ( for more information about me, i will
    check my mail to know if you have contacted me because i am working at
    the moment

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    It appears we have been penetrated

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    Hi there. Clundy here. (Don’t faint).

    I also have received the same e-mail.

    It’s just as well as I had forgotten to log in to this site recently so at least that jogged my memory to do that.

    Cheers – Clundy.

    Did I spell that right? I do need to practice more.

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    I’ve had one as well, but can’t seem to find the guilty party – perhaps another mod has already deleted “Marian” ?

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    I haven’t had a chance to get on the computer yet today, so I’ll have a look now and see if I can find anything.

    EDIT: I’ve had the message but the user is gone. Looks like @RSB has already been in and cleaned up ?

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    I deleted the user this aft.

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    Bob Williams
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    I received one of these. Deleted and dumped. Glad to know you’re onto it Lee!

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    I'm out.

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    Thank you Lee, I guess everyone got a tug from the moron.

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    Yup!! Had one – gone now. Cheers Lee.

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    I think I’ll reply and see what ‘she’ has to say!

    You never know, it may be genuine :)

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    I haven’t, and I’m a little disappointed. What’s up, I’m not good enough???

    Oh, I’m lying. I did get it. I feel validated again.

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    I had one and came on to ask about it, phew it seems it’s all sorted.

    Alan Wood
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    Thanks RSB for dumping the moron.

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    Repeated her. May have to go back to country blocking. That his when I have a spare minute to doing anything. ?

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    Mark Turner
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    She has even infiltrated the Jesus mob   Jesus .


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