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    Ed P

    If your GP has told you to take Statins you may wish to review this article. Beware, some serious biochemistry lurks inside the full text of the article. Please do not stop taking Statins, but if you suffer from the well known side effects (muscle weakness, or lose of feeling in fingers/toes, or memory issues), then you may want to draw the link to your GP’s attention. (I’ll take bets that they have not read it).

    Seneff is a bit of a crusader against Statins and Monsanto’s RoundUp in particular. In fact some of her YouTubes are almost a rant, which actually detracts somewhat from a scientific study that fits a lot of very different observations and offers an erstwhile rationale for the underlying cause of a lot of heart disease. Applying Occam’s Razor in which one simple explanation is better than lots of linked dependencies supports a lot more study for this theory.

    I personally found it as interesting as I had a lot of side-effect problems with statins, and stopped taking them as a result. The nerve sheath side effects quickly disappeared but I’m less sure that it was a good cardiac decision!

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