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    Bob Williams

    RIP Tommy Smith. I saw Tommy play several times over the years and almost always wished he wasn’t playing. Especially on this day:

    I was on leave from Germany for this match, enjoyed it apart from the scoreline!

    Tommy was the player that every manager wants in his team: could play anywhere and always gave 100%. Tackled like a demon, passes were almost always accurate, thunderbolt of a shot. There are very few players like that nowadays: known as “The Anfield Iron” by Liverpool supporters and always remembered by the older fans, recorded in a song by Roger McGough, poet, writer and lead singer of The Scaffold group. “Thank you very much for the Anfield Iron, thank you very much.”

    Born a month after me in April 1945. Great shame that Alzheimers took him, as so many older players heading those old leather balls. I still wince at the memory of heading them, myself.

    Steve will like this one: interesting that Larry Lloyd was playing for Liverpool that day. Later of course, he was part of the Forest team that won two European Cups. Ain’t football a Funny Old Game?

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    Bob he was remembered fondly on one of the WHU groups I’m on – can’t share directly as its a closed group but this was a picture that made us all smile of a “50-50” at Upton Park. RIP Tommy Smith.


    The Duke
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    Only just forind out about this. Not been online propped for about 2 weeks


    That Liverpool team sheet wasn’t a bad one!

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