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    The Duke

    Hello all, it’s been a while. I’ve been very busy, then very list for a few weeks, but seem to be getting back on track.

    I say this as I have  what is most probably a hell of a stupid idea.

    I want to run Gforce Now on my ipad. Of corse ios(ipad os) isn’t support, however I was thinking of mirroring windows on the ipad via a desktop sharing or even a hosted win machined in the sky? Setting up GF Now on the win box and streaming it it to my ipad.

    For anyone that doesn’t know of GF Now, it’s a brilliant game streaming set up that lasts any, almost any crappy win, mac, Linux, android phone or TV box play games from your steam library. Your resolution and candy is just dependent on the width of your pipe.

    So in gonna give this ago over the next 3 days. First get it going on my laptop, the. Try and parallel my win desk top to the ipad and hopefully launch and play on the ipad with keyboard and mouse.

    I don’t need the fastest ping, no lag and uber fps speeds. As i like city builders etc.. No first person shooters.

    So that’s the plan, does anyone have any thoughts and or pointers. On good desktop sharing or even a cheap monthly rented win server that could host GF Now and push it to an ipad.

    Over the last 12 months I’ve moved almost over to ipad computing. Got myself a ipad pro and a dock, and it fits my needs quite well. But there is always that windows exception.

    If you made it this  far we’ll done. And I hope all here is safe and well.


    Wow this could of gone in a lot of forums.

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    Glad you’re all OK, was wondering how the current situation would hit your new one!!

    Not the foggiest idea on your proposal above, but good luck with it all. :good:

    The Duke
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    The new biz interest is on hold ,to say the least. It could be worse.

    Dave Rice
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    All the Remote Desktop apps I know of are not suitable for fast graphics. Indeed most of the time they are trying to cut it to as low as possible.


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    I think you will have to wait for an apple app to make that work.

    If the game were running on your own PC it would be simple but forwarding a game streaming service ?

    I set up AMD link the other day, just because it was there, and it worked fine but I can’t see me using it 🤔

    The Duke
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    Ios is the platform it isn’t on, and that’s because of apples rules regarding the way apps are allowed (or not) to sell products through them.

    Basically, if you haven’t got much clout, you want be allowed to sell through your app. However it wouldn’t be hard for G force to get around this give its a subscription service. So it has two options, 1. When the app first starts ask if you have an account, if not tell tlyo you have to go to Gforce site to cheat a site (couch set up the sub), then go back to a app and sign in.

    2. (the proper way) When the app first starts ask if your a new or existing customer, if not let you create an account in the apple app and set up the sub in in the app also. This just means apple will take their 20% of £5 Month. Usually the company in question will charge you the customer the majority of the 20% extra that they lose.

    Given they haven’t launched on ios, their biggest potential  market yet may say they arnt planning on, or it may be G Force using the windows and android market as beta testers. This isn’t as bad as it sounds as both them markets arnt as picky as the ios lot. Mainy down to ios apps are usually done that bit better. And they don’t have the gulf of geeky apps that one needs patience  for.

    Tell I’m bored and tired, I’m rambling.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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