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    Three 4G better through a VPN 2Dave Rice

    Since lock down my internet connections have been dreadful from about this time of day onwards. My TalkTalk FTTC is affected but not by as much as Three which can be dreadful (but TT suffers from total drop outs). My daughter is home from Uni and is having to do her German and Chinese lectures / exams online so this is more of an issue. Netflix / iPlayer in the evening can be a total pain – but is generally OK.

    But if I start a download for say the new Ubuntu ISO, either by torrent or traditional download, it soon gets up to speed and stays there. So it seems pure bandwidth is not necessarily the issue and produces contradicting and contrary results. I can get a totally different result from my phone than the router too. Sometimes my daughter finds it more reliable to run a hot spot on her phone, but not always.

    What I have noticed is that if I am going through my own VPN servers (based in Docklands, London) things are so much better. I just clicked on a Facebook link to the Top 10 Indian Takeaways in Bristol hosted by the Bristol Post website. Wait forever, time out. Fired up Wireguard and in straight away and the same is true of OpenVPN (but Wireguard is faster).

    I’m going to have to think about this one and what may be causing it (I have a different router coming from Lee) but I suspect it’s out of my control and, as I said, can affect FTTC too. I’m not sure my server bandwidth allowance will be up to running a permanent VPN connection for the whole house, especially with streaming being so popular!

    But it may explain the problems Drezha was having as it seems very similar.

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    Three 4G better through a VPN 3PlaneMan
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    Dave, Openreach were on my estate just over a week ago, same story as you. In every knook and crannie.

    I came home one day to find them poking around in my front garden. Told them to bugger off post haste. They claimed they had permission and they were performing critical upgrades to my service.

    I called the local PCSO as I couldn’t get into my house as they wouldn’t move. She was here within minutes and told them in very plain language to move immediately.   I now have a formal complaint with the police against them as do some other residents as their vans were blocking driveways and so on.  They literally thought they could do what they wanted.

    They were allegedly doing fibre to the premises upgrades, my house hasn’t had any kind of land line for over 20 years and as far as I’m aware, never a BT one.


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