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    To Do or not To Do as the case may be.

    After seeing the suggestion in dwynnehugh thread I thought I
    Would try it out.

    I downloaded EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup 10.6 and installed it. A popup came up where you select Free or Buy.

    It wouldn’t letme select either so I continued. After installation it said I have 30 days trial.

    Twice I tried to install the free and I had the same as above.

    I went on EaseUS chat and explained the above, chat said am I using the Free
    or trial version, cut it short I was sent a link to download the Free.

    This I downloaded, it has the same file name EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup as the file I already have, and I installed it.

    The popup Select the right version for you came up but I can’t select the Free or Buy.

    After installation I get this

    I can’t enter a licence, so I can’t activate now. I select later then get the popup you have 30 days trial.

    Anyone got a link for the Free version, where you can select the version you want (free)


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