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    Tron Script 2Tippon

    I’m just wondering if anyone has heard of, or used, the Tron Script? I’ve only just found out about it, but it looks like it could be handy if it does what it claims. It’s a collection of tools to repair common computer problems, and is scripted to run them in a set order. As an example, it claims to have multiple antiviruses along with Malwarebytes, and the idea is that you run the script overnight so that they can do their thing uninterrupted. It’s got the DISM tools and will run SFC, updates Windows and certain programs if they’re installed, and does things like runs chkdsk and defrags. It sounds like exactly what I needed 20 years ago.

    If I can get it to run, I might give it a try on my old drive. I gave up on it after it got stuck in a boot loop, and switched to a spare. The thread’s here if any of you are masochists:

    The link to Tron Script is here if anyone’s interested

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    Tron Script 3Bob Williams
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    How did I miss that thread when it first surfaced, Ryan? Saving that, thank you.

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    Tron Script 4Drezha
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    I’d seen it before, but only from the Resilo Sync forums, as they originally posted the script for download using Bittorrent Sync (as it was then) to reduce bandwidth constraints – however, BTSync/Resilo have hardcoded a maximum swarm size in it, so they were experiencing download issues.

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