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    Ed P

    On the off chance that you are interested in some of the behind-the-scenes complexities that go into modern games, Unreal have released  a blurb on the newer aspects of their Game Engine. In this blurb you can see how a developer can realistically blow a building into bits, get realistic real-time graphic rendering, squeeze in very complex textures, and develop virtual reality shows.

    An interesting read if you are a gamer or graphics artist.

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    Bob Williams
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    Thanks Ed, sent the link to both grandsons.

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    I'm out.

    keith with the teef
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    I suppose with Rasterisation being so good nowedays you have to wonder about ray tracing.

    I remember when NVidia fisrt introduced physix. Unreal jumped on it and built it into a demo in unreal tournament 3 making a killer app. But badley optimized and so carp. pretty much the same set up today with raytracing a badley optimised killer app.

    Time will tell another 6years.

    Seems the new true killer app on the block is red Dead Redemtion????

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