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    Ed P

    You may remember last week’s report that three US A/V companies had been hacked. At the time there was no information with respect to which companies had software that failed to protect them. However I think we all made fairly accurate guesses on their names. As one report said – ‘Now we know that they do not sell Server Grade A/V software!’

    This week the names have been revealed by Bleeping. As may have been guessed McCrappy heads a list which also contains Symantec (no surprise there) and Trend.

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    Bob Williams
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    Thanks for that Ed. I can now give my neighbour down the road another reason why Mc.Crappy is garbage and not to be trusted. Not surprised about them or Symantec, but a bit surprised about Trend Micro. Never used them, but thought their rep was good.

    I am NOT helping this neighbour remove McC and/or install something else: have spent too may times digging him out before and he listens but never takes it in.

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