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    USB Flash Drive Speeds

    On the old MM forum we had a thread for reporting the speed of flash drives. Unfortunately we all seemed to use different settings so it was hard to compare like with like.

    Came across this UserBenchmark site

    I couldn’t find some of the items at the price they were quoting.

    There are also benchmarks for CPU; GPU; SSD; HDD; USB; FPS as well as lots more interesting stuff that I haven’t had time to explore.


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    I’ve given up worrying about it now.

    I buy USB sticks in multi packs from My Memory and give them away to customers when the opportunity presents itself.

    The last ones I’m still getting through are Toshiba TransMemory U202 16GB for less than a fiver each. Only USB 2.0 but for your average workload it really doesn’t matter.

    For larger workloads I have a cheap USB 3 caddy and an old 60GB SSD. Goes like stink.


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    Thanks for the link. I found it very useful as I need small form factor 32GB+ capacity thumbdrives for my Pi Zero projects. Unlike most PC requirements the Pi needs fast drives as i/o is i/o is otherwise restricted by its antique USB2 standard and the unreliability of using SD drives as main storage.

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