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    Very Dead PC 2Jukebox

    A friend bought me a Compaq PC which was failing to boot after the display started flickering and then died. This is a desktop unit but has a laptop power supply. On switching on, the fans run and the HDD clicks once then nothing. No post etc. I’ve disconnected from the M/B everything that can be disconnected including the memory and HDD and still nothing. I’ve never had a PC so completely dead before so presumably the main board is the culprit, or less likely the processor? The power supply is OK. Have any of you had a PC so completely dead?

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    Very Dead PC 3Dave Rice
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    Many times, but try resetting the BIOS before giving up.

    It will be the motherboard, I’ve never known a CPU to fail in normal use. As the mobo heats up and cools down micro cracks can be formed and as your average mobo has 7 layers they can be deep inside. Also the power regulation circuitry is a favourite for failure.

    Very Dead PC 2Jukebox
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    Thanks for your reply Dave. I had tried resetting the bios so it looks like a trip to the tip next week. I’ve removed the HDD (2000GB !!!) and retrieved all the docs and pics but I’ll keep the disk for a couple of weeks in case I’ve missed anything then wipe it. Cheers, John

    Very Dead PC 5Wheels-Of-Fire
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    Those laptop in a PC case setups are most odd. The power brick may be fine but inside the PC case is a micro PSU that handles generating the different voltages a PC requires and distributing that power to the various connectors. The main power socket on the motherboard is not usually the standard 24 pin one but if you can find its details somewhere then it would be worth back probing it to see if the MoBo really does have the correct power.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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