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    WiFi6 2keith with the teef

    Looking forward toWiFi6 which borrows alot of what it can do better from mobile phoens.

    In my 4 people family we have 10 devices on our network.

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    WiFi6 3Dave Rice
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    That’s not an issue for current WiFi with the proper kit. The Whitchurch Legion regularly has over 100 people each weekend evening accessing the internet via two £60 300N units.

    As for speed, for most people at home it only needs to be faster than the stream or internet uplink. It could offer better coverage, but again properly designed units can do this today or (more commonly) it’s an environment issue.

    Remember all these claims were made for AC and N before it, we will probably get the same half arsed implementation in cheap ISP kit. BT, TT, Sky and Virgin are all complaining about each others misleading adverts, which they all are IMO.

    So don’t fall for the hype. If you have an issue it’s probably not going to magically solve it. The biggest issue domestically is the WAP is just in the wrong place in the house. It may be convenient for BT / Virgin to put their external connection there but that’s it. I’ve even seen a new build this year that doesn’t have mains anywhere near it!

    However for large scale and / or specialist implementations it opens up all sorts of opportunities.

    WiFi6 4Bob Williams
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    Cue the companies producing the next “WiFi 6” routers and selling at high prices, employing the Hard Sell to tell us how much we NEED the ‘latest model’.

    When the Thought Police arrive at your door, think -
    I'm out.

    WiFi6 5The Duke
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    My pub has a boat load of people on it, and never an issue. And my house has probably the best part of 50 devices connected. Between pc’s, laptops tables, consoles, phones, amazon and rokus, plus smart plugs, bulbs, switches, thermonitors and a couple of pies. When there is 7 of you, the device count adds up. My old Asus and newer tp link jobbie have never suffered.

    What made me laugh acoupel of months ago was my mate said he had vergins new top box and line that can run ten devices all at once. Yes that was their sales pitch. I never bothered to explain it to him.

    WiFi6 2keith with the teef
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    I see the new Ryzen 5 mobos feature the latest tech. Obvs pci-e4 & wifi6. But Damn those mobos are of yer face expensive.

    I fink 1 is £700.

    I recall when pci-e first came out and that was a money spinner. Taking into consideration, Damn not like that.

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