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    No idea how true it is, but Paul O’Brien from Modaco tweeted this earlier tonight:



    Ed P
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    Not dead yet, just tottering on the edge. Great shame, I hope they post rooting instructions to go stock Android if they do breathe their last.


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    The Register has a moderately interesting account of the case, http://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/02/07/wileyfox_goes_into_adminisitration/

    It appears to be a bit of a string of consequences starting off with the Russian bank that loaned that funds which have now dried up, less than stimulating sales and higher cost of parts. I make no comment about the effort as the phone appeared to be received quite well, just not in well in big, enough volumes. There could yet be a fire sale rescue.

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    The Duke
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    A great shame. I was a chief cheerleader for their first models. I preordered their first offering not expecting much but was more than satisfied and sung their praises on here(mm). probably sold a fair few devices for them. 🙁

    Although the margins they was working with must of been so tight. They would of needed a big influx of loans just to build the brand out, hoping for higher end devices to eventually pay the bills. An old tale.


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    Steve, I think that they hoped to build volumes to cover costs, but as forces moved against them they tended to lose the battle. Sales had to be driven by expensive advertising and the money was not really there for everything.


    Bob Williams
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    Oh Bugga!

    As you all may know, both SWMBO and I have a WF phone. We also bought 12 yo gdaughter a Swift 2+ at Chrimbo. I read the “Register” report Ed, very informative. Had I known that the company was financed by a Russian bank, I would have sold mine and SWMBO’s phones and bought something else for GD. I have messaged the Beeb to ask why their ‘Tech News’ has not picked this up.

    This is bad news for 3 family members, I hope a buyer is found soon and we are able to obtain system updates. Only a few weeks since I got my last update, SWMBO’s basic Spark not received that yet, maybe never will now.

    Bloody Russians. I wonder how many more UK companies have taken Russian finance. I suspect this happened after the Cyanogen Mod fiasco. Would not be so depressing if the phones were krap, but they are actually very good. GD is very pleased with hers.

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