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    Bob Williams

    Probably my last Phone post of 2017 – WF are reducing the price of some phones:


    We bought 12 yo gdaughter a Swift2 Plus for Chrimbo at about £25 more, but she would throw a Pink one out the window. Not a “Girly” girl, hates Pink, never had dolls even as a baby except for one battered rag doll that I bought her when she was a few months old. She still has that at night. She actually preferred Dragons and Dinosaurs, still does, loved GoT. Her 21 yo female cousin does not understand her. Other grandparents do not either, keep trying to foist Girly stuff on her. They are not in her good books.

    “If you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others.”
    ― Philip K. Dick, legendary SF writer.

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