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    Since updating Windows 10 to V1903 my lock screen picture is disfigured.

    Is yours


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    I never use the lock screen, so sorry, I have no idea of its status. When I checked its workings I did notice that you can do all sorts of things and wonder if you could try resetting it to something else and then setting it back to the one you want once more? I have a vague memory that Windows used some sort of copy process at one time to select and use the active image.


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    John – this explains all about it

    Simplest cure

    Open Settings.
    Click on Personalisation.
    Click on Colours.
    Turn off the Transparency effects toggle switch.


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    Ed P
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    I cannot permanently change my lock screen on my user account, it keeps reverting to the default no matter what I do or what lock screen program I use. I guess I could edit the Registry but I cannot be bothered to find the necessary clsid.

    The Admin account and the Windows Account (windows password, user attributes) both work in the expected manner.


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    Thanks Richard not really into all sorts of things, I just want my normal picture to show normaly.

    Cheers Boris the link confused me more, but the simplest cure cured it. It’s now back to my normal.

    Thanks Ed mine did revert back when I turned off the Transparency effects, second time it stopped off.


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