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    Windows 8 2The Duke

    Has anyone ever seen Windows look like this below?

    One of my oap regulars brought me their laptop to look at, and this is what it lloks like, and is painfully slow. 15seconds plus per click.

    I’m blitzing it new for them with win10. If that fails I’ll whack a copy of 8 on it.

    Windows 8 3

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    Windows 8 4RSB
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    Looks like high contrast or something is set.

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    Windows 8 2The Duke
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    Somimg set. She recons it was always black. Shown her mine and she could recall it ever looking the normal way.

    It’s painfully slow, I don’t think a reinstall will perk it up. Have no idea of its innereds, as it was so painfully slow for me to even investigate. Never seen a pc so slow.

    Windows 8 6Jukebox
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    Check that Windows is correctly Activated (Control Panel – System)

    Windows 8 2The Duke
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    I’m already in the possess of installing 10, she said it was from pc world so it should of been activated.

    If ten sticks I doubt it will be activated. But not a big issue as I will just grab her an ebay licence.

    Windows 8 8Bob Williams
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    Sometimes older people (like my batty neighbour across the Close) use the laptop on a fabric base. Hers was on a thick, folded tablecloth and the fan was seized, absolutely full of cloth fibres and dust. Heat killed it, she contacted me because it was dead slow. I stripped and rescued it, reinstalled Windows and all Drivers. It was an old Samsung and I advised her to get a new one with a good make. She bought a desktop, which was a relief.

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    Windows 8 10Wheels-Of-Fire
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    If the computer is a late XP equipped model then it is possible that it has a native 4k sector drive doing 512B emulation (512e). That is bad enough but XP will not automatically align partitions on a 4K boundary which makes things twice as bad. W7 is 4K sector aware but if it was installed as an upgrade to XP it will keep the existing disk partition structure. A fresh install of W10 will fix that and if you can set the disk controller to AHCI mode in the BIOS it will run the disk in native 4K mode.

    Of course once you have done all that you are set to install an SSD which would increase speed dramatically ­čśü

    Windows 8 2The Duke
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    Win 10 eventually installed, and all is well. It auto activated and is now quick enough. She has it back.

    It was origanlly win 8 lappy. 2.6 celeron with 4gb of ram. And a surprisingly  large 600gb hdd. Seems OK for Facebook duties now.

    Windows 8 12Dave Rice
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    Should be fine for light duties. I was mucking about with an Asus Transformer yesterday, 10″ tablet docked to a keyboard. It’s only a 1.4Ghz Atom with 2GB and a weedy solid state 32GB drive (not an SSD) with a 500GB spinner in the keyboard.

    The battery lasts forever (charges with a 2 amp+ mobile phone charger) and it’s amazing just how usable it is if you don’t push it with multi-tasking.┬áIt’s even taken the W10 May update, although this choked the 32GB drive. Which is why I had it, a disk clean up got 8GB back and all is now well.

    It’s used for out of hours (on call) office duties, mostly Word, some Excel and web mail via a VPN to the data server back at HQ. We tried using it as a TightVNC Client to their PC back in the office, worked brilliantly.

    Windows 8 2The Duke
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    Yes Dave, it will do all the lady wants with it, which is brows the Internet. Facebook and bank. I don’t know why she doesn’t use her phone for fb, but she said she prefers the pc interface.

    It wad hardly snappy, compared to my lenovo carbon i7 ssd etc.. But I’d happy use it non the less. I was surprised actually of the difference once the fresh version on 10 was compleat. It took 5 hours to install 10 of a USB stick! So I wasn’t holding out any hope for it. But one installed it worke fine.

    She did have macafy on it that was out of date, it kept informing me. So God knows what other pc world bloat was in it, plus years of crapware she had picked up.

    It’s a good job Thursday was a slow day at work. I reckoned 2hours topps! 5 hours. Plus an hour or windows updates. Which I wad shocked about give u made the usb installed only the day before. I’d of thought it would be fully upto date!

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