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    My son has just bought an Apple iMac and wants to run Coral Draw on it. A quick browse suggests using either a Virtual Machine or something like Winebottle, neither of which I have any experience of. Any advice would be very welcome. Looking at VMs there is a free one called VirtualBox and several others which cost, but free would be preferable!

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    Virtualbox isn’t to bad when I used to use it. I did however at some point stump up the cash for Parallels Desktop. I didn’t really find that this ran the apps any quicker, but it did allow me to use the Windows apps seamlessly with the Mac apps – I can’t recall what the feature is now, but it’s on their current website as seamless integration. Basically you can run the Windows app and it appears “as a Mac window” – i.e it’s in the toolbar and you don’t even know it’s a Windows program, other than the Parallels logo on the app icon. I don’t recall Virtualbox having that feature, so you would have to switch to different desktops.

    There’s always the Bootcamp option – though you have to reboot to use Windows apps then.


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    I run Corel Draw on a Mac using the VMWare equivalent to Parallels. Parallels had a better reputation for speed and games but VMWare have now released a new version for the Mac. (Fusion – but I have not tried it, the old one is good enough for my ancient Mac Pro usage of Windows 7)

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