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    Bob Williams

    This morning I found SWMBO’s Wileyfox Spark (original version phone) had something called “yandex zen” on it. It took me ages to remove this Russian rubbish, which is accessed by a left swipe and takes you into so many ads it is just not true. I had to give “feedback” to get them to remove it, which I understand is also a browser. It explains for me why she has been having slowdowns on the phone.

    My missus does not use data and only uses the phone for communicating with the family and photos. She has no idea how yandex got onto her phone. I took a look through the T&C’s, which were about as long as the Encyclopaedia Britannica! On there it states that the user has installed and registered this POS, but she is adamant that she did not do that and I believe her: if ever something new crops up on her phone or laptop, she yells for me. Yandex actually messaged her concerning the feedback and I looked at that. They told me how good it was, blah blah but eventually gave me the method to switch it off.

    My question is, will some portion of this carp remain on her phone? It does seem to be quicker now, but I don’t know how to find out if some part of yandex remains hiding: I can handle a Registry search and destroy in Windows, but no clue when it comes to Android. Anyone come across this ad-stuffed garbage?

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    Personally I’d be inclined to backup all relevant data, via which ever method you prefer (USB flash drive, sd, Google Drive and so on) and do a factory reset.

    OFC that means putting back in details like the google account and other passwords but would be the safest option. It’s normally under settings, system, reset. Something like that, depends on the phone. Look for Factory Reset, reset or something like that.

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    Hmm. Yandex is a ligit Russian language search engine and Zen is its news feed. Zen runs as a widget so you should be able to get it off your home screen by holding down an empty space and dragging it away, much like that annoying Samsung pay thing.

    If you managed to actually remove it then well done as it often comes preinstalled but only gets noticed when its Widget is activated.

    The Duke
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    As WoF said, yandex is not dodgy, it’s a ligit app. I’d not lose sleep over it.

    If it did come pre installed then it’d only there to help keep the price of the phone down. I imagine it did as it would be a very useful app for the Russian Market. If it didn’t I’m not sure how you’d install it without knowing you did it.

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    I think it was pushed out as part of a Wylie update (move away from Cyanogen) some time back – in which case I don’t think you can get rid – you may be able to disable though through settings/apps. Doesn’t appear it is malicious though.

    Bob Williams
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    Thanks guys for the usual helpful input.

    Nolan and Graham: I managed to remove it by contacting Yandex via Email direct, so no necessity for a Reset. Although that is what I was prepared to do, before I carried out my usual research and discovered that there was no one behind it wearing a black hat. (even though the guy who answered me in perfect, courteous English, was named Vladimir!) Incidentally, my Spellchecker wants to call it Spandex, which conjures up a horrible picture of Vladimir Putin wearing — no. I’m not going there, thank you!

    Steve, BL has it correct I think, dragged in with the Cyanogen update. I realise now I have looked into it that it is a responsible company and is actually one of the world’s top browsers; did not know that. What put me off it was the amount of ads in the News service. I get Google, Reuters and BBC news, plus I dive into the Independent now and again. All of these together (discounting the BBC of course) do not give me 5% of the ads I met in Yandex.

    I was a Cold War soldier in BAOR: it is difficult for me to trust anything Russian. For the 8 years I was there, my units faced them and their erstwhile allies across the Oder-Neisse line. We used to be there for weeks sometimes, after ’emergencies’ blew up. (some of which were not recorded back home) It was so boring after a while that we organised a “Mooning Display” which spread amongst BAOR troops. The Bundeswehr lads were horrified and disgusted by this display, which only made it more fun!

    We were once punished by having to wear NBC suits for 48 hours. Like a sweat bath.

    And I go sailing Off Topic again….


    When the Thought Police arrive at your door, think -
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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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