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High Street Struggling – Low income Struggling – My daft Little Idea.

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    Coronavirus, Corona Virus, Covid-19 2RSB

    The high streets are struggling, family’s are having to pay more at the moment to live day to day, “Believe Me There Are”.

    Plus internet is very much needed for these family’s.

    I am half cut after a few pear & Strawberry homebrews ,but my cure would be to offer free local wifi/internet to the local for shopping. Be it clothes, beans or a hedgesaw this internet connection could allow people to shop from there local shops only.

    There could be some proxy/firewalls to block shopping from places like ebay etc… Obviously the plan needs more :) “WORK”.

    Maybe reward people with more internet/social time for local shopping. “Buy a couple of pork chops and get a free hours internet.”

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    Coronavirus, Corona Virus, Covid-19 4Dave Rice
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    Having run my own local ISP there are lots of technicalities you’d have to overcome and they all need money throwing at them.

    What about the ides of a portal for local businesses? Our local freebie the Bradley Stoke Journal is an example of someone doing this as a business, and that is the crunch. Someone has to do a lot of work whatever you do.

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