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Quick note to police, nhs, army, firebrigade and everyone else.

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    These people saying they have corona virus and spitting and coughing at and arround emergency services for the the fun of it “Shoot Them” This virus as been classed as a war. So these people should be classed as Deserters, Traitors, Teroists and so on. Put them up against a wall. They are murderers, no better than Hittler! :good: :yahoo:Attempted Murder?

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    Americans: Over Sexed, Over Payed and Over here, Wat Wat!

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    Dave Rice
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    We had two Iceland home delivery vans torched in one of the white trash estate areas of Bristol. The same area that produces motorbike / cycle thieves who openly boast on social media of their actions.

    Most of the residents are as appalled as everyone else but someone must know who these scumbags are.

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