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Why washing your hands is a good thing

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    Coronavirus, Corona Virus, Covid-19 2TCBarrett

    Palli Thordarson is an expert in supramolecular chemistry, he explains what happens when you wash your hands and why it is better than hand sanitisers.

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    Coronavirus, Corona Virus, Covid-19 4Ed P
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    While I agree that hand-washing is good in getting rid of Covid-19,  it can really only be done when you return home or are in an office.

    You do not catch Covid-19 through your hands you get it when you touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your dirty hands, 

    After you have touched a hard surface in a public place such as a door handle, shopping cart handle, or cash point etc is when you should clean your hands, and when hand washing is nearly impossible. Hand sanitizer is best in this situation, but most anti-bacterial wipes will do in a pinch. You can then use the wipe to clean your car door handle after opening it.You really want to make the inside of your car virus free as quickly as possible, as face touching/scratching is almost an innate part of driving a car.

    When you get home don’t forget to clean your own front door handle before the wife/kids grab it.

    Its a tough call, if under 50 you should probably just take moderate precautions and just get on with life up to the point you get the flu-like symptoms. If over 50 then the Government has pretty much dictated that you WILL be infected and that it might be serious. You do need to make a judgement call on whether you grab the nettle before the big June crunch, risky behaviour now might be a good bet for your age group.

    Us old pharts have been told to get out of the way and not to get ill so that we do not clog up the hospital. I hate to think what happens come September and we meet the few people that have a 23-27 day induction period or are in the tail end of the big epidemic or enter the country from somewhere else with a different strategy.

    I would REALLY like to stress-test the assumptions that have been made by the Government Scientists. Do I trust Boris and his tame advisors  — hell NO!

    Coronavirus, Corona Virus, Covid-19 5Bob Williams
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    Read my post in the BlogPost Ed, I totally agree with your last words here.

    When the Thought Police arrive at your door, think -
    I'm out.

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