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A cheeky one again . Rude Elf

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    The Beer Club 2RSB

    I thought this was great before ordering it just for it’s label but it’s a nice pint to.Rude Elf

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    The Beer Club 3Dave Rice
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    I must get down the Beaufort and see what Christmas Ales are now in. Ruby Ales sounds fine, I can’t be doing with the “winter warmer” beers that need a knife and fork to drink. My son brought me back a Borg Imperial Stout from Iceland – Jeez ? 14.2%

    Wandering around Bath Market the other day I had a fantastic mulled cider made with Honey’s Midford Cider They also do a mixture of cider and Ginger Beer called Stonky Bonk aka Tractor Fuel.

    All the Christmas booze is now in, trying not to touch it ?

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