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    The Beer Club 2RSB

    I have been playing around with a few things and slowly getting the hang of things.

    What’s below is actually two bottles cracked open 2 weeks before there ready to get an idea of what’s on the other end.

    Firstly the supposed lager.  I used a dark malt extract on this one but it should have been light but I had a few beers while putting together.

    It will not clear for a week or two but it’s safe to say this is a strong 7%. Tastes nice but by that taste, it’s taking it easy time.

    The Beer Club 3

    This one is a bitter and I am hoping it tasted a little better in a couple of weeks as currently, it’s horrid.

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    The Beer Club 5Dave Rice
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    Time will certainly help.

    The Beer Club 6Ed P
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    Your brew reminds me of the days that my wife and I were in a Village Home Brewing Club. About every three months one of the group would organise a BYO booze, bread and cheese party. Somehow bottles of raisin wine (abt 12%  alcohol) became confused with bottles of brown beer and I do not ever remember getting quite so legless.

    Check out if any such group exist in your neighbourhood, there is nothing better than learning brewing from those who have made all the mistakes before. (I’d guess a lack of sterilization of all your brewing equipment may have caused a problem, bad hops is another – always buy the best hops you can find)

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