December 11, 2015

– Terminal – Enter Following: cd /etc/init.d/   Then dir   Then sudo rm -rf plexmediaserver   Now upgrade through Webmin or in Terminal.    

September 19, 2014

Installing Webmin on Mint or in fact any distro with a GUI is frowned up on for the simple reason your adding more to the possibility list of loop holes, security hacks and so on and this is true. However running your own website on your own host as an individual for the pleasure of…

August 12, 2014

I have decided to break this down so here is a few page’s to be on with 🙂

August 6, 2014

Forumite Forum Plans I thought it was time to discuss plans about the forumite forum. I say discus but I generally want to put ideas across and see what people think. Some of my ideas may be a bit different from the norm but to avoid being accused of trying to rip of MM forum…

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