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    I would agree. I think as full size PCs/Monitors were replaced by laptops, those (laptops) are now replaced by pads and (increasingly) big phones. My two are 25 and 27 and do EVERYTHING on their phones – even when they come back home and a laptop is available.

    As handy as phones are, it does feel like everyone is getting dumbed down…[Read more]

  • slow cooked liver, bacon and onions – one of my top 5.

  • Sorry missed this – happy birthday (belatedly) Richard.

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    Not a sci-fi fan, and not wanting to divert the thread, but for a bit of un-pretentious, simple chuckling “King Gary” on iPlayer is worth a look. It is a portrayal of where I live basically – so not sure if it translates across the country – but it is making most of us in these parts laugh at ourselves and those we know.

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    John I would do an F-type on the end of each cable and join with an F-Type barrel connector. Stretch and wrap that self-amalgamating tape round it (go a couple of inches either side of the joint) and you should be set fair. If yor not confident practice on an old bit of coax first, but that is the way to do it in my opinion. Lots of videos on…[Read more]

  • Aside from my (probably unfounded) fear that green energy is going to do more harm than good – surely there must be a better way of harnessing wind power than these big, ugly b@stard things? Maybe something more static that had a bigger tolerance for min/max wind speed and were less of an eyesore? Like a natural jet engine? I just don’t buy the…[Read more]

  • My Ipad Air 2 (128GB cellular version which followed me out of work!) is great – only Apple device I’ve ever owned. Not ever noticed any wifi issues – and long in the tooth now, but still works great. I’m Android all the way but have to give that iPad its dues. You have to jump through a few more hoops and pay out a few quid more for decent apps…[Read more]

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    Another vote for Toshiba Canvios. Have two 4TB USB’s here (full of media that streams locally from router and STB –  idetical content – they back each other up) – and a 3TB that goes on holiday with us. All rock solid for a couple of years and counting. Very well priced when I bought them too.

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    OK tell me I am mad: If we take “natural” energy from things like the wind, sun, tides etc, might that not in itself unbalance nature? I probably am mad – all my family and mates do – but if a wind is blowing from A to B naturally, and we take a lot of energy out of it – then it either won’t get to B or will be weaker when it gets there. If we…[Read more]

  • Came yesterday and tested it today. That crimper is great – really good ratchet controls, and cuts, strips and crimps really well. Pleased with the connectors – just made up one lead, and luckily one would have been wrong if I had crimped without checking the pass-through. The price of that crimper is amazing really – there was a 5% promo on it as…[Read more]

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    Blimey – that sounds rough – all the best for a full and quick recovery.

  • Ah gotcha…..yes I sometimes photograph the two ends and zoom….normally let’s let spot the culprit.

    • Those cheap cable testers have one LED for each of the six wires Ed, so you can eat least see which ones have a diss or are wired wrong, but only after the crimp, so just the same for pass-through or legacy connectors. Cheap and cheerful but use it all the time.
  • Went for the first crimp tool in Dave’s post, and another set of 50 connectors (also £19) purely as they come with sleeves. Thanks for the help.

  • Thanks Dave will get on it. Wasbit I think I need a new crimp as (a) my existing one, the connector goes in nose first and buts up to a plate, so there is nowhere for the pass-through wires to go and (b) it won’t cut off the pass-through wires.

  • Thanks mate – I’ve got the krone tool and the tester, and I want a crimper and connectors that cater for passing through the individual wires. Thanks for the info though, but connectors aside I have all that stuff – by pass through I mean something like this

  • Happy Boxing Day everyone. I’m going to reconfigure my router, printer etc as I’m getting rid of the desk they were all sat on (as I no longer need it!). I’m replacing the desk with a much smaller unit that will house the router, printer etc. I want to make up Cat 5e cables to measure, which I have done many times before. As I’m just about out of…[Read more]

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    Yes very sad news Bob. He still lived locally and was poorly with dementia for some time now. Once of the game’s gentlemen and who nobody ever said a bad word about (except when he signed for Spurs!). I think that’s 5 of the 66 team no longer with us and a few more not in the best of health. A real shame – RIP.  Geoff Hurst is now the last…[Read more]

  • yes I googled it and found it was a very hooky scam.

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    absolutely John – do it all when the weather is dry else you are keeping moisture in not out. Bit of kitchen roll on then off the connections won’t do any harm.

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