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    Blimey never had a shop refuse cash – I’m in greater London. Our public transport runs on contactless or Oyster Cards – buses don’t take cash at all now. I must admit if you’re in a busy pub waiting to get served then contactless does speed thing along. Don’t tend to use it as it seems TOO easy. Worst thing about cash now is these plastic fivers…[Read more]

  • Cheers for that Ed.

  • I’m sure the normal Windows 10 USB installation drive (Media Creation Tool) can be used to restore an image created with the W7 System Image Backup. If that is what you mean in the post above “using W10s own systems” then I think you are fine. I’m referring to the USB you can create here. Been a while but sure I’ve done that. If you can get it t…[Read more]

  • I’ve managed to find and pin stuff to the start menu and taskbar. It is useable and I can get by with it – just don’t like it. I don’t like searching for stuff either – don’t know why – maybe reminds me of Windows 8.0. I’ve got a microsoft mouse that has a button on the side that launches the start menu – and can get by. On the plus (and more…[Read more]

  • Thanks Boris – I used to use Start10 (from when it was Start8 with the borderline unusable Widows 8.0. I’ve decided to lump it with the W10 Start Menu so as I don’t go looking for options which aren’t there when I use a different PC. My old thinkpad is the communal laptop here and still going strong. Stuck an SSD in it (it is an older I5) and…[Read more]

  • must admit I still dislike the W10 menu. Searching works well, I just don’t like it. I have important stuff pinned to the start menu and/or task bar – but the absence of any text in the start menu (just icons) still grates…..don’t like it….never will….but can work round it/tolerate it.

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    Those multi-tools are brilliant – got a cordless Ryobi one (one+ battery sharing range) and a Makita corded one. They are both brilliant. I’m reasonably sure there are cheap adapters to make accessories compatible Bob…..could be wrong but the cheap (just as good) ends from Aldi – and Lidl fit both of mine (one tool needs an adapter – can’t…[Read more]

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    Remember it well Dave – also Monkey from that era/genre.

  • Had to replace our oven about 18 months ago. MFI had originally fitted a 13A plug oven – inexplicably as there was a suitable spur in place for the oven it replaced (and they removed the spur!) Wonder why they went bust. Anyway managed to get an Indesit 13A plug model from Currys, but as linked above they are very few and far between.

  • A day late but Happy Birthday PM – hope you had a good’un !

  • I had a couple fail a few years back – both sandisks and both had to go back to the Czech Republic at my expense – so now swerve that brand. No others – all though now do far less in terms of PC/Laptop fiddling as they (especially PCs) are a dying breed. Both mine that failed went out like a light switch – not heard of an SSD being anything other…[Read more]

  • I know what you mean Bob. I have a 4K telly (Sony Android 55″) and it did look very good- but I only noticed for about 5 minutes then just pay more attention to what you are watching (the annihilation of  Watford) than the quality. I’m the same with lower quality stuff (wonky streams etc) – if its watchable I’m fine – bad audio is what really…[Read more]

  • yeah Bob – terrestrial is not 4K/UHD though – only get that option through the iPlayer.

  • Just in case anyone didn’t know – the Cup Final is live (and build up now) on BBC iPlayer in 4k/UHD.

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    Sorry Duke but made me chuckle……

  • No vested interest in the league title –  but in the name of all things holy please please pretty please with sugar on top – LFC you MUST beat the spuds in Madrid. Three pals of mine will make life unbearable if you don’t. It honestly does not bear thinking about if that lot win.

  • I think it was pushed out as part of a Wylie update (move away from Cyanogen) some time back – in which case I don’t think you can get rid – you may be able to disable though through settings/apps. Doesn’t appear it is malicious though.

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    Very interesting Dave. I’m on Vodafone BB (£26/month less £60 cash back over 18 months – all good so far. My mobile is with three and I get terrific and consistent speeds (recently cut back from unlimited to 12GB)….so I think this would be viable. I assume I could plug my router in to this via the ethernet port and use this (Huawei) as a modem i…[Read more]

  • Is this for the pub Duke – if so I’d recommend a dedicated audio solution with a google home device feeding in to it. A lot of the newer systems a multi-zone so (if the need arose) you could feed different sound sources to different rooms. If you’ve got access to a Richer Sounds be well worth popping in and talking to them. I’m thinking an AV…[Read more]

  • Agree with Duke. They are in danger of compromising the whole sport to try and find a scientific way of dealing with this. I’ve looked at Serena Williams annihilating opponents who are physically inferior – but she is a woman and aside from talent and hard work has fortunate genetics. I heard Sharon Davies on the radio in the week and she was…[Read more]

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