• Duke there are Wireless Access Points rather than routers. they can be cloud or local managed. I have to say after some teething troubles they are the mutt’s nuts. Panic over in any case.


  • Cheers both – got one serving my garden – have no port forwarding at all on my router except 21/22 for FTP (to the router itself) – assuming I don’t need to do anything as I have never opened that port? Ta.

  • One thing that annoys me with Now TV is you get 4 devices, but if you stream from a phone to a Chromecast they count that as two – even though you are only watching one instance. Regarding Sky Go – the quality has improved a lot since I first used it – and is very watchable now on a 55″ TV via the Xbox App. If you know anyone with a Sky Sub who is…[Read more]

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    I got this off a West Ham group but anyone I think will have a nostalgic smile – a documentary on the MOTD broadcast at West Ham in 1974. When the game is over a little scamp shouts “Seeya Bal” at legendary commentator Barry Davies who responds “Cheerio”.  Also funny to see almost everyone with a fag on, and also (for me) the famous “swaying”…[Read more]

  • Bob (unless it is the old white NowTV box) you can get netflix on nowtv box these days. If funds permit I’d get a Roku (the express was £19.99 in one of the amazon sales recently) – does the lot and without promoting a particular platform.

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    blimey there’s a blast from the past!

  • Haven’t regretted it for a second – and since I left they have bombarded me with offers to go back. Worst thing you can do with Sky is be a loyal paying customer. I’ve got my mums Skygo on the (non-gaming) Xbox as well as NowTV that I dip in and out of for the cricket…..and NowTV is the same as Sky regarding loyalty – if you sign up and keep…[Read more]

  • Thanks Dave – my first thought was they pushed a “Q” update at the wrong boxes but it does basically work….so guess it is deliberate and will be coming to other boxes soon…..probably looking to push legacy equipment users to Q……Mother is not impressed.

  • Afternoon all – my mum rung me just now as her Sky was all messed up – from talking through it, turns out seems there was a firmware update pushed out, and even though she has an “old” (non-Q) Sky HD box she now has the SkyQ UI on her Sky HD box.

    A bit of fiddling about and unplug/plug and we got it working, but it as a right pain as the startup…[Read more]

  • Yep I agree with Dave’s recommendation – have used it for W7 and W10 without issue. The 1TB drive may also come with cloning software – worth a look – but Easeus is my default these days.

  • Another history goodie – BBC World Service – War And Words

  • The Nationwide Flex Plus account is paid (£13/pcm = £156 anually). It includes breakdown cover as well as global travel insurance (there are age caveats) and mobile phone insurance. Only mentioning in case people are not aware. You also get 2.5% interest on up to £2,500 sitting in the account which is approx £5-£6 off the monthly premium if you…[Read more]

  • Its a shame but so surprise – I remember a few threads on MM – the OS was nice to use but terrible app support, and even worse integrating with normal Windows (i.e. your home network) was almost impossible – way more difficult than android or IOS.  On batteries, my Lenovo P2 has 5,100 but also appears to be really well optimised, as does the…[Read more]

  • Oh I didn’t think it sounded bad Ed -and child care etc also counts as contributing years – no problem with any of that – just a bit miffed that once you have clocked your 35 years you still have to keep lumping in – even out of a company pension as will be my case soon. Personally found it interesting  to see how much you paid in each year – a…[Read more]

  • As part of the help from my company as part of my upcoming redundancy they gave me a link to check the status of your National Insurance contributions in terms of qualifying for a state pension. If you don’t know about it the site is here. You need 35 years to qualify for full state pension, and it will tell you your current status (luckily 36 for…[Read more]

  • Belatedly happy birthday Richard!

  • Yes named ranges will help – the COUNTIF and SUMIF go first (=SUMIF at the begining). If you click on the little fx sign just left of the formula bar type COUNTIF and click on it. You can then build the function “live” by clicking on the sheet and cells you want to use, and you’ll see the correct function structure and result at the end.

    I’d also…[Read more]

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    That looks like it could be very useful post-Flickr – cheers.

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    Don’t think this has been posted – the Flickr 1 TB freebie is all over in a couple of days. Suppose we all knew it was coming but a shame anyway. The Google unlimited (with a reduction in size but not noticeable quality) and OneDrive will be the way for me now. I did like Flickr – but probably not commercially sustainable.


  • I feel your pain mate – been through all that at various stages in this and previous gaff.  Power tools make chasing easier but dust clouds galore. When I moved in to this house (25 years ago) found all the wiring was ancient with disintegrating ceramic insulation (not picked up by the survey surprise surprise), I kicked everyone out and spent a…[Read more]

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