• I saw that Duke – hadn’t realised you’d scooped him up. He’s a good keeper – not a great one – but a great character and our fans loved him. A little surprised we let him go but Fabianski is a cut above.

    Favourite memory of him was his penalty against Everton – that is when he became a folk hero at WHU – not sure why he took his gloves off but it…[Read more]

  • Welcome home Bob, glad you enjoyed it (for the most part). You didn’t miss much except a predictable hiding for my lot off City first game – last 5 games against them the aggregate score is 23-1 !

  • If its a 365 one (sounds like it) then maybe not a surprise – I’ve not heard of 2016 or 2019 (non-subscription) versions failing – but you never know.

  • Blimey! A bit over my head!

  • I notice they’ve changed their “normal” video compression on iPlayer as well. Not so long back it was variable bit rate and “best” would be 720p at typically 1GB ber hour. The ones I’ve grabbed recently from get_iplayer and youtube-dl are still 720p but a fixed bit rate (around 5 Mb/s) and around double the file size.

  • The only subscription software I use is MS Office 365 – and then only really for the OneDrive 1TB storage. I have the “home” sub that is officially £79.99 but always obtainable (per year) around £40-£45 (stackable ebay codes). For 5 users (I’m only using 4) it is working out £8-£10 year per user for 1TB online storage each – the Office func…[Read more]

  • PAL standard is 25 fps not 24. NTSC is just under 30 and “Film” is 24 (ish) – latter two are North American. When I re-encode anything I  leave the frame rate alone. Do a small section to test is the best bet.

    The other thing with TVs and monitors is the refresh rate – auto-mode or suck it and see. It is a complicated area that I used to know…[Read more]

  • I’ve always associated them with being a seller rather than a manufacturer. Have bought a few HDMI cables, and video/audio adapter from them via Amazon with no issues. Can’t vouch for the LAN cable but have always had good experience with “the name” Ed.

  • blacklion1725 replied to the topic What voltage? in the forum Other Tech 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Pretty sure the cigarette lighter is typically 12V DV and the USB Adapters bring it down to 5V DC. Most standalone Sat Navs (mines a tomtom) are designed to be permanently powered – one hour is quite long (my TomTom is a few minutes without power). Don’t quite follow about the battery bank – is it any better at charging the Garmin?

  • All the best to both of you Bob!

  • got my wide brimmed England cricket hat for the same purpose – life saver.

  • Good luck Richard – I love Duxford and it is one of the few places that might tempt me out in this heat – hope you all have a great day.

  • Thanks Dave – you’re right the Rig Pro has no local storage – its £25/year for one camera or £80/year for unlimited devices. I don’t think I’d do anything beyond the doorbell – their other devices don’t look great to me. The Ring 2 does have an SD card but the Pro doesn’t. So far the motion detection zones seem accurate – I’m getting people c…[Read more]

  • blacklion1725 replied to the topic Ring Video Doorbells in the forum Other Tech 4 weeks ago

    Thanks Dave – the “wedge” and a pair of hands turned up. I’ve got it mounted and temporarily connected to power – will wire it in to a garage socket tomorrow/Monday once I’ve picked up some trunking. They recommend mounting them at 4ft high which looks a bit odd next to the door but seems about right for the video coverage. Tested the audio and…[Read more]

  • blacklion1725 replied to the topic Ring Video Doorbells in the forum Other Tech 4 weeks ago

    Thanks Dave & Richard. Still waiting for an extra pair of hands – and also delivery of a “wedge” to adjust the angle of the doorbell (improvised one yesterday which worked well with double sided tape). The footage from the Ring Pro does look very good- even at night. Hadn’t considered lighting and its been overcast here since I got it, so will…[Read more]

  • Cheers Dave – I know you are the go-to man on all this stuff. None of that stuff you linked is a doorbell though (at least I don’t think so?). I’ve got a “normal” drive I think for an end-terrace – comfortably fits a couple of cars – three at a push. Since I posted I’ve lashed the Ring Pro up with a bit of double sided tape and the transformer…[Read more]

  • Afternoon all, wondering if anyone has experience of the Ring video doorbells – particularly the “Ring Pro”. Picked one up on Amazon Prime Day and still umm-ing and ahh-ing about it (i.e. keep or return). A couple of my neighbours have the Ring 2 and are so-so about it (laggy) but don’t know anyone with the pro. Ta.

  • agree – just throwing in an alternative…… if your router supports a USB printer then you may be able to connect that way. My Asus router works that way – if I click “print” from a PC/Laptop/Phone/Tablet the router wakes up the printer and off it goes. Only works if the printer/router locations are practical.

    Sorry ignore me – mine is…[Read more]

  • blacklion1725 replied to the topic Travel Money advice. in the forum Abroad 1 month, 1 week ago

    Bob I’ve been using the Clarity extensively for cash withdrawals for 7 years at a guess in Europe and Beyond. They have never hinted at dropping the credit limit and in fact have offered to increase it more than once – I wouldn’t worry. Withdrawing cash abroad with it is one of its main advantages – and will save a considerable some over…[Read more]

  • blacklion1725 replied to the topic Travel Money advice. in the forum Abroad 1 month, 1 week ago

    I did French and German at school – was OK at French – hated German (harder to learn). Wish I’d stuck at one or both. Worth downloading the languages you may need for google translate if you haven’t already – won’t work for speech off line but does for typing in either direction!

    Zwei Bier Bitte – Auf Wiedersehen!

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