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    Ed I bow to your knowledge of Islam, my own knowledge based upon service in the Middle East during the 60’s. However, I also have Muslim friends and I put the Salafist description to them. Some are from both sides of the Islamist divide, but the general feeling is that she is still a Muslim and that it is quite possible to de – radicalise her,…[Read more]

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    She was 15 when she left, a child who had stupid ideas, based upon “heroic” falsehoods which radicalised her. None of her children asked to be born, including the two she is said to have lost. Without reference to the history of her latest child’s parents, this should be understood. What were the lives of any of us like at 15? What were our…[Read more]

  • More than 5 years ago, I created an A5 book of removable, replaceable pages in an anonymous plastic A5 file. Using Text Boxes in Open Office, I made a small template that was update-able and entered all my passwords, site details etc. I also made reference pages, with short Help texts for various PC items, and details of all devices. It’s easy to…[Read more]


    A good friend is the guy who bails you out of jail. Your best friend is the one in the next cell, saying “Damn, that was fun!”

    You are my best mate. If we were both on a sinking ship and had one life jacket between us, I would really miss you and think of you often.



    A dog is in a…[Read more]

  • The picture is absolutely clear to those who wish to interpret the current picture of business and financial movements planned and considered, away from the UK. After Brexit, Fear will be a reality, not a Project. Fear of gradually occurring job losses by the thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands. Fear of losing raw materials, food, housing…[Read more]

  • A large pic of a large Rottweiler or similar, jaws open and teeth showing, on the front door or window. Notice reading “De-barked, but not Defanged!”

    You don’t have to actually own a dog…

  • I have said before that I grew up with a Socialist background: granddad a founder member of the Independent Labour Party, big brother an NUM delegate who got sick of the local Labour mob and became a Councillor, eventually Independent Labour. Our dad brought us up to ‘vote for a candidate, not his Party.’ and ‘Always remember that you are better…[Read more]

  • As Ed says, HA’s are cash-strapped. I have been waiting months for several repair & maintenance issues: the border fence at the rear is sagging down day by day. If the idiots would only realise it, that is just 2 sections of fence: when it finally goes, the whole lot will go, that’s 6 panels and a whole new fence. The problem is that all funding…[Read more]

  • Been a long time since I was a Tester and the game has changed radically, but I am informed that there will be a notice by the Tester that the car is dangerous, unfit for use on the road and not to be driven until repaired. You don’t have a Dangerous note John, so it would appear that you could drive it. However, I join PM in advising that you…[Read more]

  • I cannot direct you Dan, 😇😊 but I am told there are websites that will take your membership and make you feel wanted again!

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    My village has a thriving, successful Community Centre, a large Sports and recreational Field, pavilions and a great hall, built with Lottery Heritage funds, money raised by the Community Centre car boots and renting the Field out for ‘Glamping’ and other organisations. It has its own committee, and the CC holds ownership of the whole area in…[Read more]

  • Didn’t get that one, but still getting quite a few Scandinavian “ladies” contacting my Gmail, now joined by Russians. Only on Gmail, my Hotmail/Outlook account does not get them. The Russians use impeccable English, the Scandinavian invites are all in whichever language, possibly Norse. I block them all, they go away for a while then return under…[Read more]

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    Thanks for that Nolan, just sent it to my Aspergers No. 1 Gson. Waiting for his buzz…

    Sorry! 😊😁

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    Dwynne I never forget the Council meeting that Parish Councillors, myself and several other village residents attended, to oppose the building of new homes across the main single carriageway A157 road from the bungalows behind us. Our grounds for opposition were based upon lack of infrastructure, an exit road that is downright dangerous, and a…[Read more]

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    In 2003 I formed an RA in my neck of the woods, initially just for the 23 bungalows which housed all us Oldpharts in Sheltered Housing. Started by myself and a good mate in the Close, now sadly an Alzheimers victim in care. We took annual turns as Chair and vice Chair, with a Treasurer, Secretary, and a Constitution, written by both Chairs and…[Read more]

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    Sorry Nolan, I have posted on the Forum regarding my Republican view of the Monarchy, but I have come to partially agree with Dwynne.

    The Forces of Law cannot please everyone here, they are perceived to be in the wrong, whatever they do. A prosecution for the original RTC  of any citizen at the DofE’s age, in the same circumstances, would result…[Read more]

  • Brexit, Shmegsit …

    Great summing – up from the Daily Mash.

    It’s all far too serious to be taken seriously at this late stage anyway.😆

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    Thanks Chris.

    That’s the route her big bro (now 25) took: as an Aspergers lad of 18, he had already passed Cisco and Microsoft qualifications, was set to go to Birmingham Aston University. Had one visit and I suspect that the crowds and atmosphere didn’t suit his solitary nature, caused by the Aspergers, often wrongly perceived as anti social. I…[Read more]

  • Les: find the value of your car from this site, just check the Year box:

    Based upon that, you might be horrified to discover that it is a write-off. Sorry to bring you bad news, but that is the way of the motor insurance world nowadays. I join others in advising you to let the insurance companies sort it out. I…[Read more]

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    Gdaughter currently favours the RAF as a career Chris, I am not steering her in any way but would prefer her to have options based upon an RAF career, from Uni. I think it is inevitable that she will go to Uni eventually. Her results are all A and A*, one of her tutors told me that she would like a class full of Eleanors!

    I certainly would not…[Read more]

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