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  • Dave, we need several miracles after the Tunisia game. I almost fell off my chair when Harry Kane scored the second, 2 minutes from the end of added time. The Tunisians were not half bad, but spoiled themselves with blatant time wasting. Also think the Ref should have seen Kane dragged to the deck TWICE in the penalty area. Unless we really up our…[Read more]

  • Belgium will be our toughest group game, if we can get over the Tunisian hurdle. Lukaku is a battering ram, De Bruyne and Hazard are on fire.

  • Bob Williams replied to the topic Rapport software in the forum PC Talk 9 hours, 37 minutes ago

    I had that same problem when I was a Nationwide customer: they had me install that against my wishes with a vague threat about security. I junked it and told them I was never going to take their “Security” recommendation threats seriously again. To add insult to injury, NW closed my local branch and the nearest is a 44 mile round trip. Which is…[Read more]

  • Thanks but I knew that Ed, had investigated USB players and the Bravia link. This is the player I decided upon:

    I didn’t want a Blu ray player: don’t have any Blu ray discs, HD is fine for us, as we cannot tell the difference now with our fading vision. The Bravia 40RD453 is not in itself a “Smart” TV, but does have…[Read more]

  • Thanks guys, clear and concise advice. Ryan, I will go with an HDMI connection, think this will clear your blank – SCART to RGB:

    I know that converter, have one somewhere in one of my boxes, used it on my old Panasonic 32″ TV, to play through an older DVD recorder, before I bought an HDMI one. A bit sobering to look…[Read more]

  • I may have asked something like this before, but here goes.

    Sony Bravia 40RD453BU TV – Humax Freesat HDR-1100s 1TB STB – Samsung HW-J250 Soundbar. I would like to connect a HD DVD player (not recorder) to the TV, to play all the DVD’s that I have and cannot watch atm. Humax is connected to TV via ARC HDMI and there is another HD port, 2x USB (one…[Read more]

  • Like that Dave! 😆😁

  • Spain v Portugal best game so far Dave, that will be a classic video for a long time I think. Very disappointed in  Nigeria just now. A Croatian team that is their Golden Generation, quite a few over 30 now, almost completely in control.

    Whenever I watch Iceland play, I am taken back to the England Euro disaster. SWMBO and I were in Chester on…[Read more]

  • Bob Williams replied to the topic Postage Scales in the forum Other Stuff 2 days, 8 hours ago

    Definitely do not get these that we bought a few years ago, John:

    My daughter borrowed them and out of interest, SIL had them checked at work. They were miles out, reading light by several Kg.

  • Peru were good in parts, but just could not get the ball in the net. For Denmark, everything went through Erikson, who was making the low crosses that Dele Alli and Kane profit from. There was no one in the Danish forward line who could deal with them properly, until they got the break. They do break quickly, and were more direct than Peru. Can’t…[Read more]

  • I bought my son a DAB radio for his car at Christmas, good antenna to suit and he gets better DAB reception than in the house. His village is 5 miles from ours, suffers the same dead spots for mobile and DAB. He loves the 80’s stations, plenty of them on DAB.

    He was 50 yesterday! My lad is 50! Where did it all go? Makes me feel ancient…

  • To be fair to Karius, it is now being said that he was suffering concussion during most of the game, but this from the Liverpool Echo has another former goalie blaming Jurgen Klopp!

    I think if the concussion had been noticed, he should have been substituted and Mignolet brought on. Although it’s all done with now,…[Read more]

  • Grandson in Louth is in a First floor flat and can get DAB with a short length of Coax, all stations.

  • Dave, thanks again for that. Yes, I am on the mailing list and thanks to Richard‘s words about shorts, I am going to order a couple of pairs. Out of the 4 pairs of shorts I have possessed for about 10 years, only one pair does not fall down when I put them on, mainly because they are a lot more than 10 years old and I keep them because they were…[Read more]

  • Too heavy for Kane Steve, he would have to get Phil Jones to do it.😁

    Now, what a helluva game was Spain v. Portugal! First half Spain hardly in it but Portugal did not take enough advantage, then the human torpedo that is Diego Costa went through them. At Spain 3-2 up it looked over for the Portuguese, with Ronaldo looking invisible except when…[Read more]

  • Les, I have a Pioneer X-CM32BTD-K, ‘CD receiver System’:

    Don’t these things have some unwieldy names now? Anyway, mine plays almost anything and is also plugged in to my record deck, for recording vinyl via USB. I can also record and/or stream stuff from the huge music library to a USB drive and play it all through…[Read more]

  • While on the subject of clothes: I bought a really nice all weather jacket on Sale at M&S, reduced to £49 from £95. This is what I found when I got home, why was I not stopped at the store exit? Could have saved £49 there, and some hassle removing the anti theft device, I will never make a shoplifter! Pic:

  • Mo was obviously heartbroken on the bench Steve, send him a Get Well card! Egypt were good technically, some good players, let down by not enough bodies upfront when they very occasionally broke from way back. Goalkeeper was magnificent, felt sorry for the guy. Thought Suarez was going to bite the legs of the guy who committed the Yellow card foul on him.

  • Les, Open Office and LO are still separate programmes. LO was started up by a few dev’s from Apache OO I think, who left to produce their own version. Never tried it myself as OO does what I need, but glad that you have managed to sort out your problem.

    Ever get back to North Staffs lately? Not been for a while, my relatives over there getting…[Read more]

  • I started using Dickies T-shirts and Polo’s, after a tip here (Dave Rice?) and have loads of them. Same price always for a bundle of “cheapos” often cheaper than those in Lee’s link. If they last a year each for one from a bundle, I’ll be happy. The better ones are thicker, much better quality, mostly cotton and are standing up to my ironing,…[Read more]

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