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  • Hopefully you’re right Steve, and I can continue to use the Netflix.

    TCB, know what you mean – I live in a village that lies in the shadow of the Lincolnshire Wolds, which sort of curl around us. Reception of anything is bad: TV, DAB, but worst is mobile, a mast was supposed to be erected about 6 years ago but it has not happened yet. This…[Read more]

  • My late, much-missed Fil was the last stationmaster at Clay Cross, Derbyshire in 1962 and he would agree with your last statement, Dave. He had progressed in the British Rail system from Porter, across the UK in various stations,* until that post. His view of Dr. Beeching was not exactly complimentary and he worked in a time when timekeeping was…[Read more]

  • Yup. Progress through competition. There must be an Elfin Safety rule against it somewhere.😆

  • Bob Williams replied to the topic Back to vinyl in the forum Music 1 day, 3 hours ago

    Exactly, Ed. It’s the higher frequencies in the gas turbines that cause most damage. The RR Nimbus Mk. 10501 used in the Westland Scout, made my teeth itch if I was too close and it lifted vertically. Everyone on the Apron turning away with pained expressions. Of course we had ear defenders, which were mostly worn around the shoulders so that we…[Read more]

  • That’s right, JayCeeDee, it’s on my desktop and tablet.:

    Steve, I meant that my No.2 gson put me on his account 2 years ago. I have heard rumours that Netflix are going to act against sharing like that. If they do, I will just get my own account. Gson lives about 6 miles away down the Mablethorpe road. When he set it up for me, he gave me that…[Read more]

  • Bob Williams replied to the topic Back to vinyl in the forum Music 2 days, 4 hours ago

    😀 Me too Dave, too many Stones, Who, Clapton & other concerts. Range firing every 3 months for 12 years didn’t help, engine noise in garage work and AAC heli’s.  Headphones without my Hearing Aids are my best chance of listening properly. In the car on my own, out come the H. A’s and on goes some rock. Loud: has to be or I wouldn’t hear it…[Read more]

  • No Netflix button on my Humax Freesat remote Dave, but it is available on the GUI Dave. Via  Home button – On Demand, besides Netflix these are all available:

    BBC: iPlayer, Sport, News Channel.

    ITV Hub, MY5, UKTV Play, Rakuten TV, CBS Catchup, YouTube, STV Player, Horror bites, POP Fun, Ketchup Kids, France 24, Eros Now (Bollywood I…[Read more]

  • How do you refer to it Keith? It’s on the way, we have to call it something or it will become terribly confused, get angry and start turning off everything from satellites to traffic lights and your fridge freezer.😆 Civilisation will collapse and it will be all your fault!🙄😣😃

    Ed, I would be happy with any AI that could find a way for the NHS…[Read more]

  • It is expensive: I have the Freesat HDR- 1100S, although I got that for £50 less from Currys, as I had a £50 voucher from another purchase which was faulty (Steam iron) and kicked up so much fuss when they would not return my money that they gave me the money and the voucher, expecting me to buy another iron. I bought the Humax instead, got the s…[Read more]

  • The three major fields that I can see AI struggling with, at least for the next 5 to 10 years:

    Prediction – what to do about futures, how to forecast trends with any expectation of accuracy.

    Decision – how to instil/programme decision making, again with an expectation of accuracy. Some of the activities/industries that AI will have to work with,…[Read more]

  • Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
    Bob Dylan

    Well, they’ll stone ya when you’re trying to be so good
    They’ll stone ya just a-like they said they would
    They’ll stone ya when you’re tryin’ to go home
    Then they’ll stone ya when you’re there all alone
    But I would not feel so all alone
    Everybody must get stoned

    Well, they’ll stone ya when you’re walkin’ ’l…[Read more]

  • This crosses the Reading and Motor Sport Topics. I have just taken this from the local library:

    “How To Build A Car” by Adrian Newey, OBE. 35 years as a great engineer and Formula 1 designer. Should be a good read. Although it’s a big book with few pictures, it has lots of features including technical diagrams of various cars, planned and mostly…[Read more]

  • That will change, Graham, because the necessity to change it has been gathering momentum for a while now. Research is being carried out that will inevitably bring a solution. That’s the way humanity has always progressed, since some oddball became an arsonist another oddball looked at sledges, compared the runners with the shape of a circle and…[Read more]

  • Never used Avast, kicked out AVG years ago, got rid of Kaspersky weeks ago. I just use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes now. When Kaspersky told me that Mwb was in conflict with Kas, I knew what to do. Had both working together OK for about 4 years, then that came out of the blue. No more Kas for me, the only AV I use now is Defender and Mwb and…[Read more]

  • Bob Williams replied to the topic Free Games in the forum Software Talk 6 days, 5 hours ago

    Cheers Ryan! Passed on.

  • Graham, this gives the best explanation of the real, technical reason for dual valve springs:

    ” Dual springs are a good option for performance engines with a heavy valvetrain. The two springs rub against each other and act as a damper. The second spring also acts as a safety measure. Broken springs can be found before they drop a valve into the…[Read more]

  • Bob Williams replied to the topic Arthritis? in the forum Ailments 6 days, 21 hours ago

    My own hand problems seem to have faded away, just dry skin now with patches of rough.

    On a more serious and sadder note, I just had a message from the wife of an old mate back in Notts: he is currently fighting for his life in hospital ICU. Looks like his brain cancer has returned. Puts things in perspective for me. That particular problem began…[Read more]

  • Right on Les! Ducati desmos rule, mate!

    Graham, the amount of money and research poured into F1 is enormous. The engineering brains and experience behind the top teams, is surely enough to know what they are doing. As a former motor engineer, I can understand the truth of Les’s comment:

    Valve springs are almost energy waste free, pneumatics…[Read more]

  • Graham, you have the Mini story down, were you in the Trade? I lost count of the number of times I replaced a leaking Mini rod seal, where it enters the box. Eventually I tried just tapping another new seal on top of the old leaking one, with an old socket . I did this for free, providing the customer came back whenever she could, to let me check…[Read more]

  • From Wiki:

    The first production Ducati 250 debuted at the Milan Fair in April 1961. It was called the Diana but for some unknown reason was renamed as Daytona in the UK. The 250 was so popular that in 1963 Ducati introduced the Diana Mark 3 Super Sport

    I have only just come back online after CT and MRI scans and a rough time at…[Read more]

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