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  • Our nearest Lidl is about 13 miles away in Mablethorpe and was once the biggest in the UK. That’s still closer than the next: Grimsby, about 22 miles. I do occasionally visit the “Maybo”* store, and forgot that I have bought the pukka Bratties there. I like quite a lot of their stuff in fact, but in the Season we only visit the Maybo Library due…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the responses guys, all interesting.

    Nolan, thanks for the kind offer, I won’t buy until I see what you find at your mum’s. Just let me know price including P&P in a PM and I will go for it.

    Ryan, thanks. Somewhere in one of my Bits Boxes is an original Echo Dot, given to me by my No.2 Gson and never used. (I am a Tech Magpie) Using…[Read more]

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    Totally agree Steve, that sounds like the solution, but the Tories would be afraid of what they think is their grass roots support if they did this. I can see a certain amount of Labour, Lib Dem and Green support for those measures though. It should be an all-Party measure on the problem, but getting all UK political Parties, or as we have seen,…[Read more]

  • That is a fine motor.

    How would it go in Auto box version Nolan?

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    Sorry to say I have had enough of the Freesat Humax, too many carp channels and repeats. YT and Netflix on it, but I think I think I will get this:

    I inadvertently signed up for Prime, had a look and decided it might be what we need for some better viewing. My TV Sony Bravia 40″ set has Ethernet and is just HD 1080p,…[Read more]

  • My middle bro was a very keen gardener, always out in it as were all 3 of us, taught by our dad. One day, many years ago, he was handling some new plants, had a slight puncture in his left pinkie finger and ignored it, as we all do. 3 days later, whole finger and hand swelled up, huge red lump on the pinkie, went to the GP. The Doc lanced it and…[Read more]

  • it’s just a good job bhp has gone up. Today’s average cars are now quicker than 80s ferraris. And handle much better.

    Yes that’s true Steve. Look at my little basic iX20: Motability gave a disabled, cranky, 74 yo petrol head something with 125bhp, twin cams, 16valves and expected him to pootle along at 30 mph in safety. Are they mad? &#x…[Read more]

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    IMHO, most of this current crime situation is down to drugs, in one way or another. Those with “liberal tendencies” would have us believe that a heavy drug user is not responsible for their actions and should be helped. Well my view of that is in the form of a question: who pointed a gun at their heads to force them into taking the stuff? The…[Read more]

  • If I was an LFC fan, (and have to admire the way they play) I would be very concerned about the goalkeeper situation. The way Man City have started, they will again be hard to compete with, and however good his replacement may be, Alisson was IMO the best keeper in the country until his injury. Maybe in the world. Looking back at his performances…[Read more]

  • BL, nothing worse than watching your team get hammered by the same opponents for the umpteenth time. Many bad memories of that with Forest, but worst of all was a 5-0 thumping by our “friends” down the A52, Derby. That sent all Forest fans into mourning. 😣😭 This year we get to take revenge (I hope) 3 times: twice in the Championship, and in the…[Read more]

  • Good grief Richard, you are not supposed to shed blood over DIY!* Hope your wounds get better soon.

    *Although I seem to do so, every now and again. I usually turn to SWMBO and say (something like) “Look what you make me give! Now hold this while I hit it/screw it/nail it!”

  • Thanks for all the good wishes guys, the trip was wonderful, but the return spoiled it. I posted elsewhere that Budapest airport had a shortage of baggage handlers and we had a 1¾ hour wait at check in. Should have been longer, but I informed the Jet2 agent that he would be faced with two unconscious and ill customers if he didn’t act. We were…[Read more]

  • Had a rueful chuckle at this one Richard:

    Since then, we have only been going to funerals and hospitals; somehow that is not the same as holidays, I am often reminded.

    Living in what I call a Seniors ghetto and what the landlord once named as Sheltered Housing, we are among a bunch of Oldies who insist on falling from their perches from time…[Read more]

  • Possible Bird strike? The Trent has apparently been a reliable engine.However…

    We flew back from Budapest Friday in a 757 2000, no problems in the aircraft but 1¾ hours at check in, due to a lack of baggage handlers. An airport employee informed me that they are paid very low wages and are finding better paid jobs…[Read more]

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    The debate here is interesting. I believe that criminality, particularly violent crime, is going to get a lot worse in the UK. Look at what is happening. Not enough police officers, not enough time to train the 20,000 that Bonkers Boris seems to think he can recruit and magically produce within a stupidly short time. Our police officers are so…[Read more]

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    VFM your ex-military mate had it right: I had occasion to use the Browning myself and admired not just the stopping power, but the ease of use, fine engineering, few stoppages (if cared for correctly) and cleaning. The mag was advised as holding between 13 and 15 rounds, in use most loaded 14, whilst myself and mates loaded only 12, to allow for…[Read more]

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    I was one of those with that particular Gremlin on the MM site Alan, but never had it return since Lee took over the helm. Anyone else?

  • We are off to Manc airport in the morning, overnight stay at Carlton hotel, flight to Budapest at daft o’clock. Cruise down the Danube through Hungary, Slovakia and Austria, back to Budapest along the other bank, staying at different river ports each day. Big Anniversary on the 5th, boat apparently has a big night set up for us. Not our first…[Read more]

  • A shared activity! But there is always that missing piece, that you find months later under the sofa.

  • I found this at “The Works” in Grimsby, reduced from £8.99 to £2.99: “Selling Hitler” by Robert Harris. It was originally published in 1986, I have read quite a few by Harris and they are always good, well researched. This is the intriguing, amazing, almost unbelievable story of “The Hitler Diaries” that were complete fakes, made by a most u…[Read more]

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