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  • Thanks Les.

    I haven’t been here much because I am in a lot of stomach pain and reflux atm. My intubation stopped drawing up bile for 2 days caused that. Then last night it started working again and today it filled to bursting twice, just been emptied and began filling up again immediately. I may get some sleep tonight, ready for the op tomorrow.…[Read more]

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    Thanks JCD.

    LEE: close this Topic now? All happening on the “Pancreatitis…” Topic now.

  • Thanks guys. Feel a bit brighter after some sleep, I find that if I go to sleep thinking about a problem, my attitude towards it has changed. My subconscious is smart!

    JCD, thanks for that. Time is basically what I am hoping for. I want to sit with my missus and teach her stuff that she has always resisted. I know I should have been more forceful…[Read more]

  • I don’t have much time tonight guys.

    Consultant brought bad news and worse news earlier. Bad: after the PET scan, now Monday, because I still have the bowel blockage, he goes in to take some bowel and the cancer, once the PET shows exactly where it I.

    Worst news, he finds it has spread. In which case he takes the bowel to give me time.

    First…[Read more]

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    Thanks guys.

    I now have another cannula in my arm, to match the 3-line one in my neck. I only need fairy lights! Promised a PET scan this morning at 0830, still waiting at 2031. Par for this place.

    Best bit of the day, missus and son came to bring stuff I needed. I had told them to look for my window because they cannot visit the ward ( cancer…[Read more]

  • Thanks JCD, I have just learned from yesterday’s unread email from my GP’s, that porridge is not suitable for me now. Apparently the small size of some grain messes with the enzymes that have to be allowed to leave ASAP. That was sent yesterday: they are taking turns to ask me to post what I eat each day, then tell them any reaction. Well, last…[Read more]

  • Thanks Nolan & Ed.

    As I have a Parastomal hernia, I carry my bog around with me!

    Today we took in a delivery for our senior grandson, to collect on his way up to his flat above ours, when he finished work. It was all Japanese foods and sauces, direct from Japan. Some had to be removed from the boxes and chilled in the fridge: that was in an…[Read more]

  • Thanks Dave and Steve, can’t use oil or any kind of grease, but can use the spray oil, just a tiny squirt. This morning I was back on the porridge, one egg for lunch, crusts off the soldiers. No biccies now, just a Natural yoghurt. Thought I would hate that, but took it slowly and liked it by the time I finished. Can’t eat fruit pulp, so I am…[Read more]

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    Her dad has been ejected by her mum and also by their daughter, for spendthrift and lying about the fact that he had lost his job, but still continued to spend money as if he was working. Guy has 2 other (male adult) kids by 2 different mothers.

    Strangely, he bought a huge Winnebago and has moved about 50 yards up the road to a large pub car…[Read more]

  • My GP’s have been trying for almost a month, to get the hospital to recognise there is something really wrong with my internals. As the surgery is very well equipped, they have ended a number of tests and summarised the conclusion that I have suspected Chronic Pancreatitis. I have seen the letter, signed by the Practice Leader and added to by all…[Read more]

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    You misunderstand me Ed. I would have loved junior gd from the moment of birth, whether she was tomboy or princess. Just as I love her 22 yo cousin, who is most definitely princess material, although a bank worker. All my 4 grandbrats are different, which makes them individuals. which in turn is what life is all about. My philosophy with children…[Read more]

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    I suspect that any daughter of yours will not be allowed to grow up in ‘Princess mode’. Equal opportunity is usually the norm today. However she develops, is of course the business of you and your lady, but of all my grandchildren, I have had to try hard to repress  favouritism of youngest gdaughter. Always a tomboy, hated dolls, hates pink,…[Read more]

  • Three Motability leases ago, I returned to Ford and took a Focus. Might as well have top of the range, I thought, so had a Titanium 1.6. That’s as far as I could get on Motability with an Auto. It was quick (when it worked) but the trim was much worse than the basic 1.6 I had in 2001, which is still driving around the Mablethorpe area today.…[Read more]

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    What with expecting our first child in September, I’m not sure I’ll get the chance for much gaming going forwards!

    Congratulations, hope the pregnancy is not as tiring on you as the missus! Another tip: the Expectant One is usually fine until around 6 or 7 months in. Then Ratty Mode can emerge. Expect missiles launched at you if you make the…[Read more]

  • Oh boy, do I relate to that!

    Working on a Datsun Laurel, don’t now if you knew them: the unburstable Datsun 6 – cylinder inline engine, 2.4 Litre. Same engine in the first 240Z sports cars. A somewhat floaty ride, but that suited a long-time customer at our garage. Big George was a trucky, then in his early fifties and doing it since Pontius was…[Read more]

  • The business of America, is American business and American profit. Everyone and everything else comes second, including any “Special Relationships.”

  • As rural dwellers until we moved into Louth, our village had several buses a day, from Louth Bus Station, connecting Lincoln to Grimsby, Mablethorpe and until last year, Skegness. The Grimsby bus is supposed to wait for the Lincoln bus and the Mablethorpe bus, for both. With the large distances between villages and towns, skewed timetables are a…[Read more]

  • Trouble with some younger (and not so young) people in Britain, is that they have been denied their packed boozers and heavy drinking, their Raves and Festivals. Being young, they head straight into major denial about any risks to themselves and others.

    Problem I have with that is that I remember my own youth and wonder if I would have been so…[Read more]

  • I am tired of reading comments by certain people, quoting nonsense such as the experience of countries like New Zealand, that a similar immediate lockdown here would have stopped Covid in its tracks. That is true for an island nation with low density population, with no near densely populated neighbour, and very nearly self-supporting. Statements…[Read more]

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