• The fps of the media is either 24, 29.something, or 30. The monitor is 60 Hzf (or 60 FPS), or 75Hz (75 FPS) – so not possible.

  • OK, thank you. I tend to leave framerate alone, but wondered if I could be doing better.

    Now, H.264 v H.265. My reading tells me H.265 should be more compressed. I’m not convinced. I’ve transcoded the same video to both, and whilst H.264 ended at 2.1Gb, h.265 came in at 8.1Gb, which pretty much contradicts everything I’ve read, or am I completely…[Read more]

  • I have no TV. All of my media consumption is on a dedicated 32″ computer monitor, with a max refresh rate of 75Hz, but usually at 60 Hz.

    Now, I have occasion to transcode video (usually using Handbrake), which allows me to set the framerate. Intellectually, I feel I should choose 30FPS, rather than PAL standard 24 FPS, since this is divisible by…[Read more]

  • Found out at weekend that my tenancy is up at the end of October, which is a month less than I thought, so I gotta move quick else I’m here for another year.

    I’f I’m going to join my better half before the year is out, I need to find a job. My CV is nowhere in sight on my computer, and I honestly didn’t expect to need it again.

    Thank heavens…[Read more]

  • D-Dan replied to the topic AOHell in the forum PC Talk 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Is AOL still a thing?

  • I was thinking going to the pub, but jigsaws would work.

  • I’m sure we can find something to do indoors ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • D-Dan started the topic Getting things back in the forum Linux Talk 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    After screwing up my drive cloning and wiping pretty much all my personal files, I’ve found (on my mobile phone of all places) around 80% of the music collection, the most important photos either dotted elsewhere on HDs, or on storage in cameras, and the video collection can be rebuilt with movies I actually like, rather than accumulated.

    Now,…[Read more]

  • It is thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ After nearly 40 years of off/on – we may finally be there. Maybe get two weekends this month. She’s coming over here on 9th, and all being well, I’ll be off there for BH weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m an accountant, and may be an accountant within traveling distance from Newport, Gwent by the end of the year. (hint, hint)

  • D-Dan replied to the topic Raspberry Pi 4 in the forum Raspberry Pi 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    My Fan Shim arrived today, and no plastic nibbling required. They do seem to have upped the game a little. It no longer comes with plastic screws, but has little metal ones, and worked out of the box.

    The software seems flakey (fan will kick in when stress testing, but doesn’t turn off again), but honestly, it’s pretty much silent, so who the…[Read more]

  • I just hope that Trump and his military cronies are spending so much time spying on my social media detritus that they forget what they are supposed to be watching.

  • Have you fixed this, and could I get a step by step. It’s driving me mad, too, and there’s no option I can find to stop it. FF & Linux.

  • D-Dan replied to the topic The value of being careful in the forum Other Tech 1 month ago

    NFS is a basic NFS share on a Raspberry Pi (now a 4b model which, honestly, is awesome for this), so no fancy imaging. What’s gone is gone. I’d forgotten most of my music was also stored on my phone, so nice recovery from there, and I’ve located copies of my most precious photos. Just Videos, which I can simply for the most part re-rip from…[Read more]

  • D-Dan replied to the topic The value of being careful in the forum Other Tech 1 month ago

    The problem is the drives were ext4 formatted, which whilst more fully featured generally than, e.g. NTFS, lacks file recovery options. If you permanently delete a file, it’s pretty much gone.

    On a positive, I’ve tracked down copies of the more important photos, I had most of my music collection on my phone, and so copied back, and a good time to…[Read more]

  • On a Sunday morning, early, I thought it was a good time to migrate an almost full 500Gb portable drive to a 1TB. This is an NFS drive, with boot systems for 5 raspberry Pis, and more importantly, all of my music, videos, and photos.

    Nice easy job, and to make it easier I cleaned the destination first.

    Except, it wasn’t. I managed to clean the…[Read more]

  • D-Dan replied to the topic Raspberry Pi 4 in the forum Raspberry Pi 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Not so much a “Why not”, as a “why stick with slower”. I’ve migrated my NFS to the 4, along with PiHole, and my Plex server. Plex is still rebuilding the index, but it’s clearly doing it a lot faster, and streaming what has indexed is much faster, as is NFS access generally.

    One of the 3B+ machines will soon be redundant, and so will get…[Read more]

  • Automated, so two weeks is still far too long. I called today regarding a cock up with two client’s 2017 Returns, where what HMRC had processed was not what was submitted. Corrected over the phone. 72 hours before it’s visible on the agent portal.

    Now, given that HMRC expect realtime updates, it’s a shame that they fail miserably to provide real…[Read more]

  • D-Dan replied to the topic Raspberry Pi 4 in the forum Raspberry Pi 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Found 4G back in stock yesterday. Ordered, and arrived today. Playing with stock raspbian tonight (‘cos, y’know, Friday beer). Tomorrow, it get’s light installed to set up as my various server stuff. The 3B it will replace gets Amibian installed to be a permanent Amiga ๐Ÿ™‚

  • D-Dan replied to the topic GDPR -UK a Soft Touch in the forum UK 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Personally (and as someone who has to consider GDPR on a daily basis) I have to say the legislation is poorly considered, and far too restrictive in many areas.

    For example, explicit opt in to many aspects will be an inconvenience (and some times, an insurmountable problem) to end users.

    The definitions of data controller and data processor can,…[Read more]

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