• If you have a NAS drive, depending on how it’s formatted, you can use that with either a native filesystem (ext4) to store the Pi OS, or a loopback device if it’s, e.g. NTFS formatted. The difference between the two is that the native filesystem rootfs size is only limited by the drive size, whilst the loopback device is a fixed size…[Read more]

  • D-Dan replied to the topic Quirks in Libre Office? in the forum PC Talk 4 days, 8 hours ago

    I use LO exclusively both at home and work (despite having an Office 360 license at work), and can’t say I’ve ever noticed this behaviour at all.

    he hasn’t been hitting a hotkey to change paragraph style, has he? (Ctrl num)

  • D-Dan replied to the topic 3D Sculpting in the forum Software Talk 6 days, 5 hours ago

    It’s one aspect I never really got to grips with. I can model, but sculpting defies me. Much easier for me to create normal and displacement maps for detail.

    Having said that, I have played with sculpting to fix topology, but then I remesh and create a map for the detail again.

    I should really play more – it can be extremely powerful in the right hands.

  • I’ve only tried BT Audio on the Pi once (yesterday, funily enough), and whilst I was able to successfully connect to my BT earbuds, there was no audio at all. Unfortunately, it’s not a clash with WiFi since the particular Pi I tested is wired. I only have one on WiFi, which doesn’t really need audio at all.

    Having said that, it’s not really a…[Read more]

  • It doesn’t happen to me, but then I control my own email server. As to why, ebay – where you may have payment information saved. Facebook, where you may have shared sufficient info to pass any security check.

    Don’t call me paranoid. I’m anonymous online for a reason, and that reason is online, paranoia should be the norm.


  • D-Dan started the topic Apple Tech in the forum Other Tech 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    I’m not an Apple fan. I dislike the whole “lock in” culture. On my machines I like Linux, and on my phone(s) and tablet(s) I like Android.

    Is it wrong that I mostly also like CUPS as a print server, given that CUPS is Apple tech?

  • Or simply expect someone hoping to work in public service in a country where English is the main language to speak English. Just saying.

  • D-Dan replied to the topic Pi – Bluetooth Audio in the forum Raspberry Pi 1 month ago

    What do you have against pulse? I use it on my desktop, laptop and both PIs. The only speakers are connected to the desktop (5:1), and the laptop and PIs connect to that pulse server, meaning I get audio from all on the same device. Couldn’t be easier.

    I must get around to testing the BT from the Pi.

  • D-Dan replied to the topic GDPR – LOLS in the forum Security Talk 1 month ago

    Let’s not forget that a non-business email address is considered personal data, which means no business can send emails to private individuals without consent, since it’s impossible to not expose that address when sending.

  • I forget where I saw it, but you can also buy a USB GPIO header.

  • D-Dan replied to the topic Mousewheel in the forum Other Tech 1 month ago

    Hopefully it will take a while before I need to clean up. Unfortunately, the glide pads on the bottom of the mouse cover the screw holes, and I only have one more spare set.

    Nevertheless, some booze based solvent will probably have to be purchased. Maybe a couple of dodgy vodka miniatures?

  • D-Dan replied to the topic Mousewheel in the forum Other Tech 1 month, 1 week ago

    India Pale Ale?

  • D-Dan started the topic Mousewheel in the forum Other Tech 1 month, 1 week ago

    I have a Corsair M50 mouse, which I like very much, both for size and weight. A few months ago, the wheel started doing its own thing. If I scrolled up, it decided to go up three clicks and down a random number etc. Eventually unplugged after buying a new Corsair mouse.

    New mouse is both too small and too light for me (though it does do a pretty…[Read more]

  • D-Dan replied to the topic Networking 2 Computers in the forum Windows Talk 1 month, 1 week ago

    Get a Pi for £32 (or less if you go for an older model) – plug a USB drive for sharing in and set the Pi up as an NFS.

    Job done for minimal cost.

  • There are many touch screens that can be made to work, and for basically peanuts.

    My own next step is to set up the server to also boot rootfs from the ssd, though this will be directly rather than over NFS (that had it’s own nightmares – I expect direct to be easier).

    I’ve been toying with adding a screen to the server, but they seem so small.…[Read more]

  • I went a step further. After my failures with the BT SmartHub as a NAS server, I plugged the drive into one of my Pis, set up NFS, formatted ext4 and copied everything back. Re-set my NFS mounts on other devices and it’s good.

    Then I imaged rootfs from my other Pi (with retropie installed), reconfigured /boot/cmdline.txt on the retropie, did some…[Read more]

  • In fact, I think the last was Sandy Thom doing Punkrocker in a basement, with virtually no accompaniment, and proving she could sing (shame she gave up the music industry).

    This time, Grace with her hit cover of Lesley Gore’s “You don’t own me”, in a pure acoustic rendition – just a guitar, and also proving she can…[Read more]

  • I’m still on it – no clue how. I guess the BS I sometimes post must count for something.

  • Y’know – I’m an idiot. USB drive, trying to get it working as a network drive (with either a rootfs or two on it for the PIs, or a loopback device), plugged in to a router with restricted capabilities (CIFS rather than NFS, limited to FAT or NTFS). Now, two PIs, one running headless, not doing too much work, and powered 24/7, with nothing hanging…[Read more]

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