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    Why not use a USB hard drive? It’ll probably work out cheaper per GB and he’ll get more space.

  • I’m offered an AAX file now on Linux which according to the original article is a DRM’d version of the file.

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    Point to note, to use Bitlocker easily, you’ll need a TPM chip on the motherboard – my gaming rigs don’t have this so I couldn’t use Bitlocker on the system drive, without creating a USB boot stick. However, creating a Bitlocker drive to use on different machines is fine – I used my work machine to create the encrypt the USB stick and it works…[Read more]

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    That’s the conclusion I’ve come to after a number of years looking around. Each individual OS works pretty well, if you only want to use that stick on one OS (i.e. Filevault for Mac, Bitlocker for Windows and EncFS or similar for Linux). However, cross platform, things fall down pretty quick – I’ve used Truecrypt/Veracrypt in the past, and I’ve…[Read more]

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    I’ve been like that for a while. Bitlocker for the USB hard drive I carry between work and home and if I need to use the USB on the Mac, then I use Cryptomator.

  • From memory, it also has a number of extra tools that the standard Pi desktop doesn’t have, such as the network boot server so that Pi’s can boot directly from that and Home data is saved to the x86 system (aimed at classrooms).

    Mind, it also has items removed, like Mathmatica

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    Went to Chester Races on Friday as a work outing – was an interesting experience. Have never been to horse racing before so it was an good day out. No luck on the horses mind!

  • I run two password managers alongside each other – Keepass and 1Password. 1Password because it’s fair superior to Keepass on iOS and the Mac and Keepass because I need Android and Windows cross compatibility and the 1Password Windows app is poor (I use the standalone, not the subscription version).

    On Android, Keepass2Android I found to be the…[Read more]

  • Unfortunately it sounds perfectly legit to me with no fault of Ryanair or Goldcar – most banks will charge you a fee as a percentage for the conversion as well as the conversion rate – usually a percentage fee, so that sounds like how you’ve been stung – that’s jsut less than 1% of the amount charged. Not the answer you wanted, but unfortunately…[Read more]

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    I saw the duplicate finder last night having done some Googling, but didn’t bother with it, as I’ve already purchased Gemini in the past. I don’t have the recycle bin on – partly because I’ve not used Drive/Cloudstation previously and relied on Resilo Sync which creates it’s own “trash” folder.

    I’d seen Hyper Backup Explorer – I was interested in…[Read more]

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    Thank goodness for the Synology backup.

    Managed to screw up some of my photos and images today trying to move some data around – was trying to move my photos in to the photos folder and deduplicate these. I had been using the Dropbox photo uploader to move photos from my phone to my PC and then these were synced between machines using Resilo Sync…[Read more]

  • Looking at your original post – are you sure FAT32 will work? Isn’t that also limited to a 4Gb file size?

    I ditched my HomeHub as well and use a Netgear nighthawk model. Sorted out the modem internally to connect to BT and then I was off and away.

    Interesting to see that the Draytek supports a USB thermoter – I have one of those attached to a Pi…[Read more]

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    I’ve found Clearscore to be pants recently – it was quite up to date recently but now it’s a bit of a joke. Noddle is far better for showing all of my accounts etc. So now I just check Noddle. Time saved!

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    Might be some digging and downloading some information for reading on the flight back from Ireland!

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    Did mine a while back. Worth it purely for the Bitlocker (as long as you have a TPM).


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    My work laptop is a spinner and it’s horrendous. I turned it on about 15 minutes ago after a reboot and it’s sat here still churning away doing something. Took me ages to get to the point of being able to do anything. Feels dead slow and it’s not that slow of a processor. I dread having to open a CAD file from a client, as that grinds the machine…[Read more]

  • I saw this the other day that I found amusing.

    <iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/GwKThyMmi7I” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

  • I’ve found XNView to be a reasonable alternative to Picasa, as I was disappointed when that disappered – partly because the built in quick image editor for explorer was great and much better than the Windows 10 in built photo previewer.

    I’ve looked into Apple’s Photo app for my Mac, but I’m loathe to pay for the increase in iCloud storage that p…[Read more]

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    Shame you Pixel is still good, as I’m selling my 5T already!

    Back to the Big Apple. 🙄

  • Only recently got in to these (well, over a year ago now I guess!) but I was hooked on the Dan Carlin Hardcore Histories. I’ve just finished the epic Blueprint to Armageddon series. I also await the Infinite Monkey Cage downloads.

    Used Glympse in the past and it’s been dead handy.

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