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    Glad all is OK

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    One thing very similar happened to me a few years ago, in the end it was the ON/OFF switch / cable / plastic connector to the motherboard.

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    D-Dan Not wishing to draw this rather tiresome argument out I note in your comment:

    ”  .. Fortunately, they checked and it hasn’t been used. I do wonder, however, if it has been (a criminal offence) how Dwynne would have handled that. With the same disregard for other’s misfortune when they lose something, despite me having no control over it?…[Read more]

  • Ed P – I’m not really 100% certain that cuts in the police forces can be laid at the doors of the PCCs – in the main police funding comes from the Home Office / Treasury etc. and it is they who decide what the total police budget / force is set at with a contribution from local taxpayers.  In the past few years this government has not only…[Read more]

  • Duke – I’m not really surprised that you call my comment ‘pompous and arrogant’ – unfortunately your later comments seem to suggest that you live live in some ‘rose tinted world’ where everything is hunky dory. The reality is so different.

    Perhaps that hole in the road should be filled in by a police officer – after all someone could put the job…[Read more]

  • D-Dan – I tend to make certain that I do not loose my valuable personal property – contactless or otherwise – because I care about my own stuff – so many don’t give a damn nowadays – it’s insured, they’ll pay out – nobody is at a loss being the predominant view. We ALL pay for this – shops add a % to each item sold to cover for theft – we pay.

    I…[Read more]

  • Alan – you have a very good point – but over time the police have become the bucket for everything that nobody else wanted to do – many many years ago it was the police’s duty to visit and watch sheep dipping at local farms and Lord knows how many other forgotten duties I wonder.

    The sad truth is that looking after lost and found property is…[Read more]

  • Richard – may not have read the background to your comment correctly but police do not have to be involved in F/L Property – railway stations, bus companies have their own system which has no police involvement at all. The law re ‘Theft by Finding’ only needs a reasonable person to make reasonable efforts to locate the owner.  There is nothing in…[Read more]

  • I agree.  BUT based on some 20yrs experience with Lost / Found and Seized Property – we haven’t mentioned SP before have we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Over the years I have returned items to their original owners only to be told “You took your time”, “I didn’t bother reporting it, as I knew you would return it to me if it was handed in to…[Read more]

  • Unfortunately those who are critical here (either of my response) or to the current L/F Property attitude by the current staff at all police forces – do you have ANY idea of the amount of L/F Property that ends up with the police?  I suspect not.  In a small station you can have >200 items – these need to be sorted, checked for ownership d…[Read more]

  • Not wishing to be too callous in this matter – if the owner can’t be bothered to ensure that his CCs/DCs are safely with him at all times – then let him / her wait the 7 days to get another one.

    After 30 years in the police and having to deal with lost and found property I have no sympathy for very many people who don’t even check that they have…[Read more]

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    John STAY bored until you get the OK to active duty as and when the doctors tell you. Anything I can do for you?

    Hope you get back to normal soon.


  • Hi John,

    My elderly mother has the carpet gripper things – totally B useless – save your cash for rubber matting.

  • JB  “…I have finally seen the slug (dead I think) it is now in the bin wrapped in a bread wrapper and tied….”

    Not taking any chances with the slug escaping are you John!!  Lol  Good luck with the problem.

  • Bob – could it be a case of the ‘King’s new clothes?’

  • Unfortunately as an ex-copper the idea of photographing / videoing the items is a good one, but unfortunately what you showed in any of the above is not what you put in the box to me – you swapped it afterwards and sent me the broken / duff etc. etc one.


  • Is what they’re doing any different to the post office – if I want to send a letter to a person in the same town where I live, post, collect – trip to Chester – sorted, trip back to North Wales to my local sorting office and then delivery.

  • D_Dan – I appreciate that it’s a buyer but a friend of mine used to sell quite a lot on Ebay and he would find that many buyers reported that on receipt the items were either damaged / missing bits / not as advertised etc. etc. just so they didn’t have to pay as PP would refund them almost immediately if they put in a complaint – I would add that…[Read more]

  • Been caught out a few times on Ebay with sellers with many +ve ratings – many are still crooks out to get you. How do they get these rave reviews I ask?

  • I think the price that I quote was for a complete new door assembly – there was also something about ‘repaired doors’ liable to explode / shatter  as well.  HSA gets its foot in the door again!!

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